Bourne Parish Neighbourhood Plan (BPNP)

Bourne Town Council and the Neighbourhood Plan Committee have agreed that the actual area for a Neighbourhood Plan should include the whole of the Parish of Bourne which includes Cawthorpe, Dyke, Twenty and Bourne.


Bourne Neighbourhood Plan

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This is Your chance to shape the future of the Parish of Bourne
Neighbourhood planning is about letting the people who know about and care for an area, plan for it.  It is led by the residential and business community, not the council, and is about building neighbourhoods – not stopping growth.  Neighbourhood planning is optional but if adopted, a Neighbourhood Plan will have weight becoming part of the statutory plan making framework for the area.
A Neighbourhood Plan is a planning document that allows a community to set out its vision for its local area.  A Plan can provide details on how the council’s district-wide planning policies should be applied in our local area, to reflect the aspirations of the community and local circumstances.   A Neighbourhood Plan can be general or more detailed, depending on what local people want.   However, the Plan must be in general conformity with the Local Plan.  It can be used to shape/create and manage most aspects affecting the local community.
Once adopted, a Neighbourhood Plan will have development plan status and must be taken into account during consideration of planning applications in the Plan’s area.
There are several phases before the document can be accepted by a Government appointed Independent Inspector.  Bourne is at phase one of the process; consulting with all relevant parties to ascertain whether there is a generally perceived need for a Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish of Bourne, whether enough people are willing to be committed to bring the exercise to a beneficial conclusion.
The initiative must come from the community and cannot be the work of any one body alone.  Bourne Town Council is fully behind the idea but the Plan needs to be developed and drawn up by the whole community, the Town Council would act as the facilitator, helping and supporting those who are contributing their time, effort and ideas into this project to bring it to fruition.