Braceborough & Wilsthorpe Parish Churches

Father Aran Beesley Email

St Margaret's, Braceborough - Holy Communion, first sunday of every month @ 09:00hrs.

Every two months there is a 4o'clock service held in Braceborough Village Hall for youngsters, families & anyone who enjoys a more informal service.  It is usually short in length, with refreshments.  For more information please check Towers & Spires magazine.

St Faith's, Wilsthorpe - Holy Communion, first sunday of every month @ 10:30hrs.


There is a monthly magazine called Towers & Spires, if you would like to contribute please contact your village representative.  Braceborough - Mrs F Grindey, Wilsthorpe - Mrs V Stuart.

PARISH COUNCIL gives a grant towards the maintenance of the both churchyards within the parish of Braceborough & Wilsthorpe annually.