St Cuthberts Church

Photograph of St Cuthberts Church%2C Brattleby

Photo by David Pell

St Cuthberts Church Brattleby

News Update December 2018

Annual Christmas Carol Service is taking place on Friday 7 December 7pm at St Cuthbert's Church. All welcome!

News Update May 2018

Open Churches Weekend 19/20th May.

Brattleby St Cuthbert's will be open as usual, from 11am to 4pm both days. Tea/coffee and sliced cake available. Come and delve into the facinating history of our 1000 year old church and village. But before you do, why not Google 'brattleby church bells' and listen to the 15th century bells striking 12am on a warm summers day. Turn up the volume and catch the background birdsong......

News Update March 2018

Sincere thanks to Jane Strowger of Norwich for her generous donation of £500 towards the ‘upkeep’ of St Cuthbert’s churchyard. Several of Jane’s ancestors – the Clarkes and the Rolletts – are interred at the church.?It’s intended to use the donation to improve the church footpath from Thorpe lane. 

The Village Church Committee are in the process of seeking advice from the relevant bodies with a view to restoring the decaying plasterwork and redecoration of our Grade 2* St Cuthbert’s church.

News Update December 2017

The Brattleby candle lit Carol Service with choir, will be held on Friday 22nd of December. Mulled wine and mince pies available. Arrive 6-30 pm for the wine/pies, service to commence 7pm.?Not to be missed!

Brattleby church grass cutting rota is due to be written for 2018. Should any community minded person wish to join the team, please contact John Spratley Church Warden or the author Mike Spencer.

News Update May 2017

West Lindsey Open Churches Weekend 13/14th May. As usual, Brattleby St Cuthbert's will be open from 11am to 4pm both days, where you're ensured of a warm welcome from the Village Church Committee. Call in for a cup of tea/coffee and a slice of cake, have a chat about village history. In fact, anything to do with the village or its future. Freshly made sandwiches available throughout the day.

News Update April 2017

The annual 'West Lindsey Open Churches Weekend' at St Cuthbert's Brattleby will take place 13/14th of May, 11 am until 4 pm each day. Any resident wishing to assist or be involved, please contact the author, or any member of the Village Church Committee. This is without doubt the 'biggest' and most interesting village event this year, with a focus on village history and community. Refreshments, sandwiches, cakes. Come and meet the residents, they're an interesting lot – well, most of them! 

News Update January 2017

A Church Lighting Specialist Attended St Cuthbert's on the 3rd of December to give advice on re-wiring the church and providing improved heating and lighting.

Sincere thanks to the residents who assisted in the Christmas decoration of the Church.

The St Cuthbert's Carol Service of the 18th of December was attended by a congregation of 35.

News Update November 2015

Coffee morning

Photo byJohn and Sue

Coffee morning

News Update September 2015

The Brattleby 'candle lit' Carol Service will be held at 7pm on Friday the 18th of December.

Cancellation: A Concert and 'light-hearted evening of song' by the 'Scothern Singers'  will take place in St Cuthbert's Church Brattleby on Saturday 19th of September at 7pm. Tickets £5 ( including a glass of wine) can be obtained from the following, Anne Spencer 730466 – Chris Scott 730561 or Sue McGarry 731157.

News Update August 2015

The annual Brattleby Cream Tea Garden Party was held at 'Manor Ley' on the 5th of July. 

The event raised £2300 towards church restoration funds.

Many thanks to all our supporters, Committee members and helpers from as far away as Retford!

News Update July 2015

Brattleby PC has been successful in it application to register St Cuthbert’s Church as an Asset of Community Value by West Lindsey District Council under the Community Right to Bid, Part 5 Chapter 3 Localism Act 2011, Assets of Community Value (England) Regulations 2012.
The registration takes effect from Monday, 27 July 2015 and will expire on Monday, 27 July 2020. An entry on the Land Registry will now be made to show the property has been registered as an Asset of Community Value. See for more details the Parish Council page.

News Update June 2015

The annual 'Brattleby Cream Tea' will be held on Sunday 5th of July 2-5 pm at 'Manor Ley' School Lane, the Home of Anne and Mike Spencer.
Various attractions, including,  'Nearly New' good quality, ladies clothes, shoes and hand bags.  Also on sale will be, home-made cakes,  greetings cards, garden plants and a tombola.

Are you a community minded person? Would you be prepared to give around 4 hours a year towards a good cause? Do you like to see your home kept clean and tidy?
If your CV fits the above, Brattleby church is in dire need of 2 additional persons to join the church cleaning rota. Please contact Anne Spencer Tel. 730466. Hurry, you might miss one of life's great career opportunities!

The Open Churches weekend 9/10th of May proved to be a great success. Around 135 people attended over the 2 days. Our 'Ploughman's' Lunches are becoming legendary. £635 was raised for the Church Restoration Fund. Sincere thanks to the members of the Church Committee.

See for the Open Churches festival and the Church opening time the following website:

Open: 9th & 10th  May 2015, Saturday 10am-4pm, Sunday 10am-4pm.

A Service will be held in St Cuthbert's Church Brattleby at 7 pm on Sunday 30th of March to celebrate the life of St Cuthbert. Drinks and nibbles and unmissable conversartion afterwards.

News Update December 2014

A Special Christmas day Family Service conducted by the Revd Sue Deacon will be held at 9am.
The Brattleby Candle lit Carol Service will be held on Sunday 14thof December, supported by the Scothern Choir (time to be announced).     

News Update November 2014

There will be a cheese and wine evening on Saturday 15 November. Tickets @ £7  from Anne Spencer  730466, Chris Scott 730561 or Sue McGarry 731157. 

News Update September 2014

The bells in the Church are ringing! See this video on youtube:  - copy and paste into your browser.

An Autumn Concert by The Spring Line Choir is to be held in St Cuthbert’s Church on Saturday September 27th September 7-30pm.

Tickets £5.00 including nibbles, can be obtained from Anne Spencer 730466, Chris Scott 730561 or Sue McGarry 731157. (Limited to 65 persons)

Wine will be on sale at £2.00 per glass.

News Update August 2014

After what seems like a million Coffee Mornings and endless fundraising, on the 18th of August it all became a distant memory when - for the first time in perhaps a 100 years - all three of St Cuthbert’s bells could be heard ringing once again.

Whatever the individual’s thoughts may be regarding ‘the church and religion’ surely, even the most dogmatic amongst us can’t help but be impressed, considering these very same bells were first heard  in Brattleby 564 years ago.

To put this into some sort of perspective, Henry VI was on the throne, Henry VIII’s reign was some 59 years away and The First World War would be 464 years in the future.
So I think it’s safe to say, St Cuthbert’s church and bells have been witness to a substantial amount of English history. 

Due to the degradation of the oak bell frame – according to Taylor’s Bell Founders, it too is most likely the same age – the bells have been sited higher in the tower and hung statically on a new steel girder and will now be rung electronically.

The possibility of having them ‘full circle’ ringing was considered, but at a cost of £45,000, this was deemed unattainable.

However, having the bells working electronically has its advantages insomuch as, the bells are able to be rung – via a clock – to strike the hour and quarters and is currently set to run from 8 am to 7 pm daily.

There’s also provision to set the bells to ring for weddings, funerals or any other permutation which may be required.

As Chairman of the Village Church Committee, I offer my sincere thanks to other committee members for their tireless fundraising, without which this project would not have been possible. Thanks too, to all the people who’ve attended and supported our functions and events over the last 8 years and continue to do so, the majority of them from other local villages and from various parts of the country and abroad. 

As a tribute to the Brattleby residents who died during the Great War of 1914/18, there’s currently a display of interesting documents relating to the 3 services, Army, Navy and RFC Brattleby, eventually to become RAF Scampton.

A very personal note - 

I’m very much aware, if it were not for the bravery of one Major Harvey aboard HMS Lion during the Battle of Jutland in 1916, who had the forethought to order the flooding of the ammunition magazine following a direct hit and a huge fire, preventing the whole ship being blown out of the water - for which he paid with his life, - receiving a posthumous VC and in doing so saving my father’s life and possibly the whole ships company - I would not be writing this news article today. 

Mike Spencer 27/08/14

News Update July-August 2014

The recent Cream Tea afternoon held in the beautiful gardens of ‘Sunnyside’ the home of Chris and Jerry Scott raised £1835 towards church restoration funds, many thanks to Chris and Jerry. Thanks too, to all the Committee members and friends of the church who worked over several days to produce this event. Although it rained ‘biblical’ proportions at one stage – after all it was in aid of the church – the above figure was the most ever raised at this event.
A Grant of £1500 has been received from the Garfield Weston Foundation towards the cost of restoring the church bells. 
The three church bells currently undergoing restoration at Taylor’s Bell Foundry in Loughborough are on schedule for return and re – hanging, on Monday 18th of August.
On Saturday 12th July a wedding was held in St Cuthbert’s church. With paper hearts dangling from the trees, white bows on the gate and numerous bouquets in the church it really was, quite a special day!
For anyone considering a church wedding, St Cuthbert’s is, without question, worth a look. With its ‘old world’ charm, well kept lawns, large trees and stone walls, it could well be the ‘film set’ for a Romantic Drama? Especially when the bells are back in situ!
And remember, there’s nothing modern to spoil your photographs. It’s like stepping back a 100 years!
MS 13/07/14

News Update June 2014

On Wednesday 14th of May the church bells were removed and displayed during ‘Open Churches’ weekend and have since been dispatched to Taylor’s Bell Foundry for restoration.

Open Churches weekend 17/18th of May raised £464 towards church funds.

News Update May 2014

St Cuthbert’s church bells are soon to be removed for renovation and will be on display during ‘Open Churches’ weekend on Saturday and Sunday 17/18th of May. This will be a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to see and touch these 564 year old bells, some of the oldest in the county.

 St Cuthbert’s Brattleby Open Church Weekend will be held on 17/18th of May, 10am till 4 pm each day.

Tea coffee and biscuits will available as will a warm welcome. There will also be homemade cakes for sale.  Ploughman’s Lunches and sandwiches will be on sale throughout most of the day for weary church travellers.

Bring the children along for a history lesson and try and guess the weight of ‘Katrina’ prior to her vacation for a face lift and a bit of TLC! Child and adult prizes.

News Update March 2014

West Lindsey ‘Open Churches Weekend’ will take place on the weekend of, May 17/18. As always, Brattleby St Cuthbert’s will be open both Saturday and Sunday 10am – 4pm.  Serving food and drinks. The theme this year will be the 100th year since the commencement of the 1st World War. Further details in the April edition of the Village Venture.

News Update February 2014

The Brattleby Carol service was held on 15th of December 2013, around 35 people attended. The Raffle was drawn by Revd Bill Williams and raised £2040. This was split between Brattleby Church and the, St Andrew’s Children’s Hospice Grimsby – the only one of its type in Lincolnshire. 

The event was organised by Jackie Strange with the aid of the Village Church Committee. Sincere thanks to all concerned – especially those who donated the main prizes, and to all residents who generously gave wrapped presents for the children, 53 in total! A letter of thanks has been received from the Hospice. 

News Update December 2013

Carol service

Photo byChurch committee

Carol service

Christmas Raffle

Photo by St Cuthbert local church committee

Christmas Raffle

News Update September 2013

A Concert by Margaret Crossland accompanied by the Revd Richard Crossland is to be held in the church on Saturday 14th September at 7-30pm.
Tickets £10 - including a free glass of wine - from Chris Scott, John Spratley or Mike Spencer.

News Update July 2013

The dust has also settled on – or should that be within? – the church following the completion of the restoration programme and a major ‘spring clean’ by a 15 strong village working party, many thanks to all concerned.

Unfortunately, old churches are like old houses, when one project is completed another one awaits. For sometime, it has been the ambition of the Village Church Committee to raise the £10,000 required to finance the reinstatement of the St Cuthbert’s bells.

Thanks to a £2,500 bequest by the late Ralph Fowler, we at least, have a better than zero starting point. Currently several village residents are in the process of arranging for their Coop dividends to be paid to the church. If anyone – Brattleby resident or not – would like to follow this lead, please contact John Spratley on 731157 or the author on 730466

The two oldest bells, ‘Maria’ and ‘Katrina’ – were cast in Nottingham in 1450 - and the third, ‘god saver his church’, was cast in 1600. as far as we are aware the two older bells have hung in the church for around 550 years. The bells are classed as ‘of being of historical importance’.

A concert by the Lincoln Orpheus Male Voice Choir was held in the church on Saturday 27th of April. Approximately 50 people attended, wine was served. The event raised £300 towards church funds.

News Update April 2013

The restoration of the church is expected to be completed in early April. A major cleaning programme is due to take place on Saturday 20th April at 10am, prior to the LOMVC Concert. If any resident would be willing to help, please contact Anne Spencer for further details.

Further forthcoming events: 

27 April 7 for 7.30pm Lincoln Orpheus Male Voice Choir. Tickets £5 from Mrs Anne Spencer (01522 730466) or Mrs S. McGarry (01522 731157)

11-12 May 10am-4pm Churches open weekend

St Cuthbert’s will be open and ‘ploughmans lunches’ will be available. There will also be a garage sale taking place in the paddock opposite the church. See for further information on other churches also open.

30 June 2-5pm Cream teas at the home of Mr and Mrs J Scott Sunnyside Lincoln Road, Brattleby. Tickets £5 from Mrs Anne Spencer (01522 730466) or Mrs S. McGarry (01522 731157).

TBA July from 6pm Cheese and wine party at the home of Mr and Mrs P Jackson, Meles Barn Cliff Top, Brattleby. Tickets £5 from Mrs Anne Spencer (01522 730466) or Mrs S. McGarry (01522 731157).

Planned events for which no date yet:

Concert by Rev. R. & Mrs Crossland

Guitar concert

Harvest Festival

Christmas Carols

All events are to raise money for the work developing St Cuthbert’s Church for better community use