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Update September 2020

Temporary Traffic Restriction:  Brattleby



Please note it will be necessary to impose a temporary restriction as detailed below. 







Road Closure Order in place on:

Back Lane (Between 50m & 100m E of B1398) Brattleby


PERIOD OF RESTRICTION:  28/9/2020 to 2/10/2020

(Restrictions to be implemented as & when required during this period,

signage detailing accurate dates & times will be displayed on site in advance)




Diversion routes & vehicular/pedestrian access arrangements will be signposted



This information is also available in map form



If you have any queries, or require further information, please contact the LCC Customer Service Centre on 01522 782070.  

Update August 2020

Village Venture Magazine will be back in print from the September issue, so watch your letterbox. The deadline for contributions is still the 15th of each month and subject to the space and editorial policy.

Update July 2020

Tip days

Photo by LCC

Tip days

Update June 2020

Anglian Water

Photo by Anglian Water

Anglian Water tips

for more information please paste this link in your browser

Parish Council Notice. 

Complaints have been made to the Parish Council regarding the depositing of garden rubbish and grass cuttings on Parish land - or any land that is not their own. The persons concerned are respectfully reminded, it is in best interests of all residents that public areas of the village are maintained to a high standard.  

Complaints have also been raised by the members of the ‘Church Grass Cutting Team’ regarding the continuing issue of dog fouling in the churchyard. 

Dog poo sprayed out of a ‘rotary mower’ over the legs and feet of the operator, is not a pleasant experience!

This is a long standing problem despite there being three (soon to be four) dog bins around the village. The Council is aware of who the culprits are and will not hesitate to take legal action should this continue. 

Brattleby Parish Council.


Brattleby Parish Accounts declaration can be found on the Parish Council page.

Domestic abuse publication:

domestic abuse poster

Photo byMS

Domestic abuse poster

Brattleby Annual Parish Meeting - Postponement

The meeting is normally held every May/June at the BSA Village Hall but will not now take place this year due to the corvid 19 lockdown requirements. It will be held again in 2021.

The Annual Parish Meeting dates back to the Middle Ages and has been brought up to date in modern times. It provides an opportunity for all residents to express their views about village matters. The chairman must be the Chairman of the Parish Council or if he or she is not present, the Vice-Chairman. If neither are present a chairman will be elected from those residents attending. Parish Councillors have no formal role and attend as residents. Any proposal may be put forward for discussion and voted on. The proposals must be reported to the next Parish Council meeting but are not binding on the Council.

If any resident feels they have an issue to raise on village matters please contact a parish councillor at any time. The Councillors are Mike Spencer, Jerry Scott, Jackie Strange and David Wright.

Residents are always welcome at Brattleby Parish Council meetings and do not have to wait for the annual parish meeting. These are conducted in a relaxed manner. There is a 15 minute public forum at the beginning of each meeting when questions can be asked or statements made. Residents can also contribute during the meeting.  

J Scott


Update May 2020

Mark Willows 1958 - 2020
I'd like to thank all in village who sent cards and condolences following the death of my Husband, Mark. Your words and thoughts have been great comfort.  Mark's cremation took place on Tuesday 19th May. Instead of flowers, friends and family were invited to donate to Marie Curie and so far we have raised £1573.00.  
Marie Curie helped us significantly, coming at a minute's notice during the night on several occasions to ensure his comfort and mine.  Although my fundraiser has now closed, you can set up your own Marie Curie Facebook Fundraisers for whatever reason by following this link and inviting your friends.
Thank you
Simon.  Shepherd's Farm
25th May 2020

See for the latest issue of the Village Venture the Village Venture Magazine page (updated every week),

Henry Leak

It is with great sadness I report the death of Henry Leek, former long term resident of Brattleby at the age of 93.

MS 03/04/20

Memories of Henry Leak 

Henry and his wife Leah were so welcoming when we started building our house in 1999. By this time they were retired, but had brought up their family in the village. We had moved from Lincoln but were unsure how friendly the “ natives” would be. We need not have worried, Henry came by most days encouraging us with the building and gardening through a very wet winter. Tales of the village and local farms helped to make us feel at home.

I can still hear Leah saying “Come in love ,have a cuppa ” and there always seemed to be a bit of cake to have with it, and tales of the family.

As time went by Henry would come and sit in the garden and recount memories of his childhood down on the Fens. How they caught eels as they swam back up the drains of Lincolnshire from their long journey from the Sargasso sea.

He had stories of a times gone by, when food had to be grown and stored for later use.  His mother , he told us, made sausages after a pig had been killed which were hung up on hooks, eaten later with mould (or was this penicillin  )on them . They certainly did Henry no harm as he remained hail and hearty, if somewhat forgetful to the end. 

He had a charm and straightforwardness which was a delight. 

Ann Brooks 

Goodbye Henry Leak. Thank you for your ever cheerful

companionship and memories of  more sociable man-powered farming methods  

 We miss you walking the Brattleby lanes with Dawn’s little dog at your heels

Barry Nelson

I first met Henry when he took up the post of Farm Manager for the Fieldsend family in Aisthorpe. He moved to Poplar Farm in Brattleby where he enjoyed his farming role and his hobby of shooting , always with his dog. As adjoining farmers we many times “ Put the world to rights” as well as discussing the Agricultural Scene and the community in which we lived. He was a good hearted countryman and I know his family will greatly miss him ,

Steve and Rea Marris

Mark Willows at Shepherd's farm

I report the sad news that Mark has died.  He passed away very peacefully on Thursday afternoon in our garden room at Shepherd's Farm. His death was painless and comfortable, thanks to the amazing care we have been receiving for his Cancer from the Marie Curie Team, MacMillan and St Barnabas Hospice at Home team.  I have been very heartened that the charities you and Anne (and others)  have promoted though activities in the Village, were able to support Mark through his final days.
There is to be a very simple funeral service soon, with no procession, for a few members of our family.   I shall plan a more celebratory commemoration after lockdown, where I hope to show off the wonderful gardens Mark has created at Shepherd's Farm, and hopefully raise a little money for St Barnabas Hospice.

Village Pump

Village Pump

Photo byMS

Village Pump

As we fill our kettles to make the first cup of tea of the day, the majority of us don’t give this simple procedure a second thought.

However, if we were Brattleby residents in 1947, we might have needed to, for if the galvanized water bucket in the pantry was empty, it might mean a trip to the village pump?

Brattleby and the other ‘Springline’ villages, weren’t called Springline, without good reason, they were ‘settled’ because they had a guaranteed supply of clean water from the limestone ‘Lincoln Edge’ above the villages. 

Brattleby in particular, had a reliable ‘spring’ in a cops of trees on the hillside (still  running today) which provided water to the village and its mill pond (now the stream under the B1398)

Piped water came to the village in 1948 and then, for most, it was just a tap at the gate. Prior to this, the only source of ‘potable’ water was an individual ‘well’ in the garden, or alternatively, the ‘village pump’. When wells became obsolete, the majority were filled in with household rubbish, including the one on School Lane.

It’s long been a Parish Council ambition to re-erect a ‘village pump’ on School Lane as a reminder of country life for previous generations of Brattleby residents. 

A chance remark on the subject to friends at the gym, brought the whole issue into sharp focus when he said he’d a brand new cast iron pump (still in its box) in his shed. It’d been given to him as a birthday present (odd?) several years ago, would I like it?

It’s since stood in my own shed for several months awaiting installation, but finally, this week, the School Lane village pump can be seen once again!  

Many thanks to Jim & Jane for their kind donation of the pump and Dave Jakes for the installation.

MS 10/05/20

Waste recycling centres: see lockdown publications page for more information.

Parish Council Meetings.


All Brattleby Parish Council meetings are suspended until further notice.

Should an urgent village issue arise, please contact

Mike Spencer or Jerry Scott.

Village Venture lockdown version

The May issue of the Village Venture Magazine can be found on Village Venture pages. It will be updated every week and if you would like to add anything please contact Bill Shaw at the email address provided.

Village News Update 20th of April.

As we continue on ‘lockdown’ and the issue of the supply of food stuffs becomes ever more acute, on behalf of the Parish Council I would like to offer my sincere thanks to the residents who continue to provide ‘shopping facilities’ for Anne and I and other ‘at risk’ residents within the village, either by adding to their ‘on line’ shopping list, or trips to supermarkets.

The ‘war spirit’ is re-born!

There’s an old saying I first heard in the 1960’s, “Lincolnshire, the best kept secret”

I think it was what one might call a ‘back handed compliment’, meaning, a ‘back water’ place where nothing much ever happens. What a blessing it is today! Even more so in a village like Brattleby, with 45 houses and 95 adult residents.

I’m sure we’ve all been avidly watching the latest Corona Virus report each evening and been constantly shocked and saddened by the statistics, our hearts going out to all those who’ve lost loved ones and particularly the members of the NHS who’ve given their lives in the line of duty, very few of us can say we’ve put our lives at risk on a daily basis by simply just going to work! 

Being in an ‘at risk’ category due to age – a fact I find hard to come to terms with – we are now in our 38th day of ‘Self Isolation’ and it’s hard!

It will come to an end, just when, your guess is as good as mine. So, let’s try and stay positive, the weather continues to be excellent (just imagine a similar situation in November!) we have a number good walks in and around the village, which many residents appear to be taking full advantage of.

Just think, in years to come our children will say, remember when…..

Sincere thanks good people of Brattleby.

Mike Spencer.


Footnote – See ‘Brattleby at War’ in the history section

News Update April 2020

Henry Leek.

It is with great sadness I report the death of Henry Leek, former long term resident of Brattleby at the age of 93.

MS 03/04/20

Village Venture April issue

Unfortunately the April issues of the Village Venture has been cancelled. See the magazine's page for further information.
If you would like to publish something on this site, please let me know ( or use the feedback option.

Deer playing

Photo by MV

Deer playing on Brattleby Hill

News Update March 2020

Sincere thanks to the Brattleby residents who’ve been kind enough to contact those in the ‘At Risk’ group in our community, with offers of ‘Food shopping’.
Mike Spencer,
Chair, Brattleby Parish Council.

For residents needing help, or without internet facilities, or with food supply issues, please contact the Parish council members below.  

Mike Spencer 730466

Jerry Scott       730561

If you would like to publish something here please use the feedback option and it will appear here.

Coronavirus related updates

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In issue number 2:

1.    What’s New in this Bulletin

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10. Social Media Updates

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Already we have seen some truly amazing acts of kindness and human spirit. Volunteers right across the district are helping people in need and keeping our communities thriving under difficult circumstances. As the pandemic and isolation continues it is important more than ever to recognise and shout about such fantastic work being done. 

Help us shine a light on the work of volunteers by:

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Kind regards,


News Update December 2019

The Christmas Carol service will take place on Sunday 15 December 3pm at St Cuthbert's Church.

News Update October 2019

Bonfire night - The event has been postponed due to weather conditions

Tuesday XXX Village Paddock (weather permitting)
If you would like to join us for an informal evening of eating, drinking and chatting you’d be very welcome.
As usual, this is a ‘Bring and share’ event, with the fire being lit around 6-30pm. A Gazebo and table will be provided for food and drink.

Due to Parish Council insurance restrictions, please be aware of the following.
• Fireworks are NOT oermited,
• All bonfire materials MUST be combustible and non toxic.
• No bonfire material to  be placed in the paddock prior to Saturday 2nd of November.
Brattleby Parish Council 21/10/19

Anne and Chris

Photo by VV

Anne and Chris

News Update September 2019

Next Parish Council meeting will be on Monday 17 September 19.15 at the BSA Village Hall. See agenda on the Minutes and Agenda page.

News Update August 2019

The Brattleby Annual Macmillan Coffee Morning and ‘New & Nearly New’ clothes sale will be held in Aisthorpe Village Hall on Saturday 28th of September. This event is held in conjunction with M&S Lincoln. See Community Page for full details.

Parish Council.
At the Parish Council meeting held on the12th of August, two new members were co-opted and appointed. There remains one vacant position open to residents. The next Parish Council meeting will take place in early September. No date currently available, due to holidays. Watch website and Village Notice Board for date.The post of Parish Clerk to Brattleby P/C also remains open to suitable candidates - not necessarily a village resident. 

Garden rubbish.

Residents are respectfully asked, not to dispose of garden rubbish on verges, in dykes, or other public spaces.

Reactive speed signs. 

At the time of writing, the north sign is undergoing repair with the manufacturer. 

WLDC Environment Officer has been notified of various ‘tipping’ incidents within the parish. Residents are asked to take note of any suspicious vehicles.

News Update July 2019

Brattleby PC vacancies

We currently have 2 people who have applied to join the P/C and a third who is actively considering joining, giving us a full compliment. If by any chance we are one short, yes, it would then be a good idea to advertise on the web site. Interestingly, none of the 3 applying to join, are doing so from the advert/flyer. They are to be co-opted to Brattleby Parish Council during the next P/C meeting on 12th August.

If you are interested please contact Mike Spencer(  for further information.

See the PC page for an update on the issue of the PC not being quorate at this point in time.

News Update May  2019

The Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Tuesday 14th of May and not the 13th as advertised.
The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Monday 17th of June and not the 3rd as advertised

Parish Council. Due to retirements, Brattleby Parish Council will be seeking 3 new members , see PC page for current members.

Elizabeth Connor 1920-2018.

The ashes of Elizabeth Connor, who died in Canada aged 98 in April 2018 are to be interred in the St Cuthbert’s Brattleby grave of her husband Pilot Officer Clare Connor DFC, 1913 – 1940, on Saturday 6th of April 2019 at 10-30 am. A service of remembrance will be conducted by the Rural Dean, the Revd Richard Crossland.

News Update March  2019

In May, it’s election time for Parish Councils. In the case of Brattleby, due to retirements, we’ll be looking to recruit 2 new councillors. Any person wishing
to apply, please contact the author, or any Parish Councillor member.?

 Quotations are being sought to carry out ‘lopping’ of the chestnut tree in the village pad- dock. The quotation for the village grass cutting 2019, has been received and accepted?The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Monday 1st of April at the BSA Village Hall 7pm.

How could anybody...... 
The quite village of Brattleby was recently (8th of Feb) the site of one of the most despic- able and callas acts of cruelty I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Two emaciated horses and a foal were taken to a quite spot near the top of the hill ‘winched’ together with ratchet straps to a tree, their legs tied together with rope and left to die! 

The photos are absolutely heart-breaking. I have tears in my eyes as I write.?On a lighter note, today 14th February, it’s wall to wall sunshine and with spring a little over a month away, there are still good things in this wonderful world to look forward to!?
Best wishes,?Mike Spencer

News Update January  2019

Land of Back Lane 138812 planning application

Those residents who have made objections and comments regarding the application have been notified by the applicants that the application has been withdrawn.

The deadline for submitting your response to this applicaton is 11 February 2019. The best way to do this is by visiting the planning application webpage ( . At he bottom of the screen you can find ‘contact us’ and choose your option. There are several reports that sending hard copy letters did not arrive. 

At this point in time we do not yet know if the matter will be delegated, or whether it will go for committee. In any case we will keep you informed on progress and given the amount of responses so far we expect this to be a committee case. If the latter is the case the meeting can be attended by the public but there is only one person who can speak for a couple of minutes. There are several people who will go to attend this meeting if it goes ahead

Back Lane planned maintenance closure in March 2019

REASON FOR CLOSURE:  Essential maintenance works by TRIIO/Cadent Gas
LOCATION:  Back Lane (Closed in vicinity of property 'Ashwell')
PERIOD OF CLOSURE:  18/3/2019 to 23/3/2019
(Closures to be implemented as & when required during this period,
signage detailing accurate dates & times will be displayed on site in advance)

From Mike Spencer:

Following a site meeting with a representative from the ‘Lincs Road Safety Partnership’, regarding the perennial issue of speeding traffic through the village, ‘Watch Your Speed’ signs have been placed at strategic points along the main road.

Following numerous complaints by walkers, of speeding traffic and cyclists on Brattleby Hill (particularly around the ‘S’ bend) signs have been placed to advise the same, of this dangerous issue.

Various items of maintenance work have recently been carried out on the ‘flood relief’ dyke.

Many thanks to the Wright’s for dredging part of the dyke and to Rob Doyle for his assistance with related issues.

In May this year, all Parish Council Members will be up for re-election.

Brattleby will have at least one member retiring at this date. 

Jerry Scott, who is both Vice Chair and (long) acting Parish Clerk, will be stepping down as Clerk, but will continue as Vice Chair.

Therefore, the position of Clerk to Brattleby Parish Council will be open to interested persons. 

It should be noted, this important position has not been officially filled for a number of years and it has only been possible for the Parish Council to carry out its business due to Jerry being prepared to fill both posts.

Please contact the author if you would be interested in joining us. We hold approximately, 6 meetings per year. You would be expected to take minutes, prepare agenda’s and control finance. All letter writing and other related matters are carried out by the Chairman.

It is not mandatory for the Clerk to be a resident of Brattleby.

The ‘Old Forge’ footpath connecting Back Lane with East Lane is now usable. The bench commemorating the lives of Derek and Maud Franklin is now in situ. The slab plinth having used the remaining monies raised through the ‘Derek’, fund raising Coffee Morning held at ‘Manor Ley’ last year.

The Church – see the report on behalf of the ‘Friends of St Cuthbert’s Church’ Committee in another part of the magazine.

Brattleby is now a member of the ‘County Text Alert System’, designed to enable contact from County or National level, during local or National emergencies. The Chairman is the initial contact person. This new arrangement will complement and work in conjunction with the current ‘Brattleby Emergency Plan’

The next meeting of the Parish Council will take place on Monday 4th of February at the BSA Village Hall 7 pm.

Best Wishes for the New Year,

Mike Spencer. 10/01/19

News Update December 2018

Brattleby Friends of St Cuthbert’s Church Committee.

A report by Mike Spencer Chairman

Requested by the Committee. 

Formation and objectives:

In 2006 a small group of residents (mainly none church) made the decision to take steps to ensure the future of their historic, dilapidated grade 2* church which was without doubt, in terminal decline from many years of neglect.

Initially, a working party was formed to clear the churchyard of a generation of rubbish, overgrown vegetation and ‘chicken wire’, making graves virtually impossible to attend.

The tower had not been entered for many years due to straw and pigeon droppings three feet deep, blocking the entry hatch.

From these small steps, the ‘Brattleby Church Committee’  was formed, embarking on a ‘vigorous’ fund raising appeal, simultaneously, carrying out numerous ‘stop-gap’ works in an attempt to slow the decay of the building.

In March 2008 I wrote to his Grace the Bishop of Grimsby (oddly, we don’t come under Lincoln) asking for assistance, with a number of issues, including the following.

·     Who is the legal owner of St Cuthbert’s?

·     Are any funds available through ‘church bodies’?

·     Are there any remaining funds from the breakup of the original Springline group?

·     Would it be possible for a senior member of the ‘church’ to meet the committee to discuss the future of St Cuthbert’s?

Little actual assistance resulted from this request, other than, being advised to contact our Vicar.

Several interested members met with the then Vicar for advice. During the meeting, I was advised I had no business being Chairman, or having any involvement with the said committee as I was not a ‘church goer’.

The committee, undeterred, decided to ‘go it alone’.

Following a £500 Quinquennial (Architectural structural survey) report, it became clear, the building was in far greater danger than previously thought and required urgent and expensive restoration work. 

By 2010, the committee had raised the required funds (£10,000) to apply to English Heritage for a Grant of £130,000 to carry out the required roof, tower and spire work. This was completed in 2013. 

Brattleby is fortunate in having three of the oldest bells in the county, two dating from c1450.

As all three bells had not been heard ringing simultaneously in ‘living memory’, the committee was keen to see (should that be hear?) them brought back to ringing condition. 

Unfortunately, the cost of returning the bells to ‘full’ ringing condition, at £45,000, was out of the question. The decision was taken for the bells to be restored and fitted in a ‘static’ position and rung electronically. This system allows the bells to strike both the time (accurately) and provision for them to be set to ring ‘carillon’ (bell peel), for weddings and other celebrations.

With the help of a bequest by Brattleby resident Ralph Fowler and a grant from the Garfield Weston Foundation  - and of course, the tireless fund raising by the church committee –

the required £10,000 was raised to carry out this work. 

The three bells were first rung again on the 18thof August 2014. 

During the previously mentioned Quinquennial report, it was also stated, the electrical system in the church was in a dangerous condition, particularly that of the ‘earthing’ requirements. 

The sum required to carry out this work would be £10,000. 

Once again, the Friends of St Cuthbert’s committee braced themselves for further Coffee Mornings, Cream Teas, Concerts……

As a result, in 2017, Brattleby church had a complete re-wire and a new heating and lighting system installed. 

Currently, the committee is engaged in raising funds to replace decaying plasterwork in various parts of the church. £15,000 has been quoted for this work.

The eastern churchyard wall from the Thorpe Lane entrance, requires restoration and costings are being sought.

Only this week, it has been brought to our attention, St Cuthbert’s Church organ requires urgent restoration work. The quote for this is £5000.  

The churchyard too, is managed by the Brattleby Church Committee. Throughout the year, the grass is cut on a regular basis and to a ‘high standard’ by a dedicated team of village volunteers. The footpath from Thorpe Lane to the church has recently been ‘re-edged’ and gravelled. This was largely funded by a kind donation of £500 from Jane Strowger of Norwich, whose ancestors (the Clarkes) are interred therein. It was stipulated, this sum of money was to be used expressly for the upkeep of the churchyard. 

The Parish Share issue 2015:

The Parish Share is the sum of money paid by parishes each year into the Diocesan Fund.

As a large proportion of the funds raised each year by the Friends of St Cuthbert’s was being ‘swallowed’ by the Parish Share, in 2015 I was asked by my committee to write to the DAC requesting a ‘breakdown’ of just how these funds were spent.

Without going into great detail (I don’t think it would be appropriate) the majority of monies collected (68%) would appear to for supporting any local minister (salary, pension, housing etc)

At the time, the Parish Share was calculated on per head of population of each individual village.

Unfortunately, the Brattleby liability included half of Aisthorpe and all of Thorpe le Fallows (and still does)

Again, at the time (2015) Scampton, population 780 (including the camp) had a Parish Share of £5.74 per head, and that of Ingham, population, 912, £5.36 per head.

Brattleby, however, with a population of 100, was being asked to pay, £17.31 per head!

It was at this at this point the Committee took the decision to ‘look again at this wholly unacceptable position. 

“It’s either the church, or the Parish Share, we cannot, financially support both!”

Was the committee’s unanimous decision.

 Parish Share, current situation:

The “Friends of St Cuthbert’s Church Committee” still continue to raise funds to support the fabric of the church and have an ‘on-going’ programme of restoration work planned.

However, since the above date, our finances are now divided as follows –

Any income directly earnedby the church (wedding and funeral fees, collections etc) is kept separatefrom monies raised – or donated - expressly for the restoration and upkeep of the church as a building, and/or the churchyard.

As a result, of the £1400 Parish Share due this year, Brattleby will be paying to the PCC the sum of £984, directly derived from church activities, less electricity costs for the year (not know at the time of writing) as has been  done in previous years.

It should also be noted, as Brattleby received a grant from English Heritage, we are obliged to insure the building for its full replacement value of 6 million pounds plus.

The 2018 insurance premium for this is, £1188, which, for a number of years, has been paid from the funds raised by the Brattleby Church Committee, notthose of the church.

As you will appreciate, the £1400 Parish Share and the insurance obligation suddenly becomes a grand total of £2172 per year, for a population of 95!

I sincerely hope this explanation of both the Parish Share and the position of ‘Brattleby Village Church committee’ relating to this contentious issue is finally understood by all concerned?  

Happy Christmas

MS 18/12/18 

Annual Christmas Carol Service is taking place on Friday 7 December 7pm at St Cuthbert's Church. All welcome!

Parish Council Notice.

As you will be aware, the village will be without electrical power on Tuesday 4th of December from 8am until 6pm due to overhead works.

Residents who rely on central heating of any description will be without heating during this period.
It would be advisable to ensure freezers doors are kept closed and unused.
It would also be advisable to ensure your house is heated to above normal temperature prior to the loss of power at 8am
Any sensitive equipment (computers/alarms etc.) should be turned off prior to the loss of power.

As power will not be restored until 6 pm an alternative lighting source will be required. Please take extreme care if using ‘naked flame’ lighting.
Your Parish Council members will do their best to ensure vulnerable residents are catered for.

The contact numbers for Western Power are: 
*  General enquires 0800 096 3080
* Emergency  number 0800 6783 105
* Brattleby contact: Mike Spencer 730466.

MS for Brattleby P/C

News Update October 2018

 Brattleby Community Bonfire

Please come along to the Annual Village Bonfire on Saturday 3rd November 2018 on the Village Paddock. Fire lighting at 6.30pm.

We will have the usual open table for everyone to bring something to share (parkin, toffee, jacket potatoes etc.) not forgetting a bottle of your favourite tipple!

Bonfire material (please no plastic or glass) can be brought to The Paddock on or after Wednesday 31st November 2018. Sadly insurance does not allow us to have any fireworks.

Looking forward to seeing you, any queries ring Ann 730132

Macmillan Coffee morning

The Macmillan Coffee Morning charity event held in conjunction with Marks & Spencers at ‘Manor Ley’ on Saturday 29th of September, raised £2700. 

the team

Photo byNS

the team

Many thanks to Anne spencer, Chris Scott, and the team

The annual Bonfire will take place on Saturday 3 November. A leaflet will be distributed to inform residents about proceedings.

News Update September 2018

The annual Brattleby Macmillan Coffee Morning in conjunction with Marks & Spencer’s will be held at ‘Manor Ley’ School Lane on 29th of September – see main advert in in magazine.  

The newly constructed footpath connecting East Lane with Back Lane is to be called ‘Old Forge’ footpath, as (surprisingly) this where the Blacksmith’s forge was sited until its demise in the late 1930/40’s. 

There have been reports of a recent increase in ‘dog fouling’. Dog owners are respectfully reminded there are currently 3 ‘dog waste boxes’ in the village, with a forth to be installed on the footpath mentioned above. 

The next Brattleby Parish Council meeting will be held on October 1st at 7pm BSA Village Hall (rear entrance). 

From November, it will become increasingly important for residents to be aware of the (Brattleby Parish Council) web site, where, a wealth of information relating to ‘happening’s’ and village history can be found.?More news on this subject in the October issue. 

Best Wishes,

 Mike Spencer.