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News Update September 2018

The annual Brattleby Macmillan Coffee Morning in conjunction with Marks & Spencer’s will be held at ‘Manor Ley’ School Lane on 29th of September – see main advert in in magazine.  

The newly constructed footpath connecting East Lane with Back Lane is to be called ‘Old Forge’ footpath, as (surprisingly) this where the Blacksmith’s forge was sited until its demise in the late 1930/40’s. 

There have been reports of a recent increase in ‘dog fouling’. Dog owners are respectfully reminded there are currently 3 ‘dog waste boxes’ in the village, with a forth to be installed on the footpath mentioned above. 

The next Brattleby Parish Council meeting will be held on October 1st at 7pm BSA Village Hall (rear entrance). 

From November, it will become increasingly important for residents to be aware of the (Brattleby Parish Council) web site, where, a wealth of information relating to ‘happening’s’ and village history can be found.?More news on this subject in the October issue. 

Best Wishes,

 Mike Spencer.

News Update August 2018

The certificate of exemption is now available for inspection on the public right to financial statements webpage (left hand pane). 

News Update July 2018

The annual Village Risk Assessment was carried out on May 22nd. 

‘Open Churches Weekend’ figures were down on last year, due to the Royal Wedding and The FA Cup.
The improvements to the church footpath are now complete. Many thanks to Jane Strowger of Norwich for her £500 donation for this purpose.

Residents are reminded, Parish Council Minutes, local events, and up to date area news can be viewed on the Brattleby Parish Council web site.

The next Parish Council Meeting will take place on 2nd of July at the BSA Village Hall (rear room) 7pm. 

News Update June 2018

Planning application Sunbury House 

The associated documents for this can be found through the link on the bottom of the Planning Applications Brattleby page (left pane). The application will be discussed by the Parish Council at an Extraordinary Meeting on Thursday 28th of June.

Himalayan Balsam

Lots of good work and chat today pulling up Himalayan balsam, a very therapeutic way to spend a couple of hours, and good exercise into the bargain. Come and help eradicate this invasive plant that is spreading quickly. Next working party will be on Tuesday 19th at 4pm meet at the north lay-by.

Ann. 730132.

This plant is spreading rapidly through the village if we don't act before it starts to set seed. If you want to help with this you are welcome to join the working party on Friday 15 June at 10am at the Garden House. Please ring Ann on 01522 730132 if you want to help.

Congratulations must go to Mike Spencer who has recently been awarded the "West Lindsey District Town/Parish Councillor of the year". This is not only for his work as Chair of Brattleby Parish Council since 2003 but for the many other community activities he willing undertakes. The list of activities is extensive but it is his approachable and helpful manner which is key. He always has time to stop and talk to residents and likes nothing better than to chew the fat over a cup of tea. Nothing is too much trouble and he is always willing to help others.

I am sure this will be welcomed by most residents of Brattleby who may not always be aware of the community benefit stemming from the behind the scenes work put in by Mike. He has never sought any public recognition or praise so this is indeed a fitting tribute.  

Photo by CS


Open Farm Sunday

Photo by BPC

Open Farm Sunday

Traffic survey

At the request of the Parish Council a traffic survey was carried out by Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership over a 7 day period commencing 20th of April. The basic results are as follows.

• Approximately 21,000 vehicles passed through the village over the 7 day period.

• Number over the 40mph limit weekdays (Scampton to Ingham) 16.6%

• Number over the 40 mph limit weekdays (Ingham to Scampton) 28.4%

• Number of Vehicle over the 40mph limit weekends (Scampton to Ingham) 20%

• Number of vehicles over the limit weekends (Ingham to Scampton) 30.2%

I feel sure, some residents will find these figures quite staggering, particularly that of the sheer volume of ‘through’ traffic.

However, it’s worth noting, during a similar survey carried out in 2008, 22,400 vehicles were registered over a 7 day period, of which, 65% were exceeding the 40mph limit.

These results would suggest the £5000 the Parish Council spent on the reactive speed signs may have turned out to have been a good investment.

The Parish Council will continue to monitor this issue and make every effort to seek further speed reductions along the B1398.

Mike Spencer 15/05/2018

The groundwork on the footpath has been finished. See for the results so far the page on the left.

A 'Nearly New' clothes sale in aid of Brattleby church funds, was held at the BSA Village Hall in April. The remaining clothes, shoes and books were distributed to various charities.

The next Parish Council meeting will be held at the BSA Village Hall (not in the church as previously advertised) on Monday May 14th at 7pm. 

A traffic monitoring device is to be fitted in the village sometime over the next few weeks, to log traffic volumes over a 7 day period. This is to be carried out by the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, to provide evidence of the suggested increase in traffic volumes.?The last survey was carried out in 2008, during which 22,000 vehicular movements were recorded on the B1398 over a similar 7 day period.

Open Churches Weekend 19/20th May. 
Brattleby St Cuthbert's will be open as usual, from 11am to 4pm both days. Tea/coffee and sliced cake available. Come and delve into the fascinating history of our 1000 year old church and village. But before you do, why not Google 'brattleby church bells' and listen to the 15th century bells striking 12am on a warm summers day. Turn up the volume and catch the background birdsong...

farm sunday

Photo by brattleby farm

farm sunday

News Update April 2018

In Memory of Elizabeth Connor 1920 - 2018

Elizabeth, the wife of Clare Connor DFC died peacefully on March 8th surrounded by her family. She was 98. See the Connors family page on the left for a brief history and memories of the visit in 2011.

On a lighter note, many will be aware of the ‘City of Culture’ award. Last year it was Hull and in 2021, Coventry. 
What is lesser known, is the ‘Village of Culture and Community’ award, which takes place each year. I’m pleased to announce, Brattleby is on a final short list of 3.
If chosen, a number of events will take place in the village during July, Including BBC’s ‘Songs of Praise’ at St Cuthbert’s church Sunday 15th July.
‘Country File’ are to film a short piece entitled, ‘Community Spirit in Villages’, towards the end of the month and the Red Arrows will be providing a ‘fly past’ on most days.

Young people will be catered for too. A Production Company will be filming throughout July in the Village Paddock, for a ‘one off’ programme entitled ‘TOWIE in the Sticks’.
Although I’ve not seen ‘TOWIE’, I’m reliably informed it’s a cultural programme aimed at the ‘under thirty’s’, concentrating on current affairs?

Watch this space, we’re expecting confirmation – one way or the other – on 1st April.
Fingers crossed!

Best Spring wishes,
Mike Spencer.

News Update March 2018

The next Parish Council  meeting to take place on Monday 14 May 2018, at 7.00pm at our new venue St Cuthbert's Church Brattleby

Our sleepy village was recently invaded by a strange flying machine... hovering above the houses making a strange humming sound, several people reported it!?Don’t panic, it was just a drone, but not just any drone, this was a commercial type!?RAF Scampton and Waddington and the police denied any knowledge of it. Despite a search for the opera- tor, none was found... odd isn’t it? 

If you happen to have any information, please contact Mike Spencer 730466 -, as it’s a known fact these things are often used for surveillance prior to a burglary. 

Sincere thanks to Jane Strowger of Norwich for her generous donation of £500 towards the ‘upkeep’ of St Cuthbert’s churchyard. Several of Jane’s ancestors – the Clarkes and the Rolletts – are interred at the church.?It’s intended to use the donation to improve the church footpath from Thorpe lane. 

The Village Church Committee are in the process of seeking advice from the relevant bodies with a view to restoring the decaying plasterwork and redecoration of our Grade 2* St Cuthbert’s church. 

The Next Parish Council meeting will be held on the 12 of March, 7pm at the BSA Village Hall.

Nearly New Ladies Clothes Sale (Many unworn with labels still attached) Saturday 24th of March Aisthorpe BSA Village Hall 10am - 1pm

Scarves, shoes, handbags, costume jewellery, Bric a Brac. Tea/Coffee and Cakes 

News Update February 2018

The final figure raised for the Derek Franklin memorial headstone amounted to £1100.
As this is more than required, the remaining monies will be used to purchase a park bench dedicated to Derek, to be placed along the new footpath/garden area, between Back Lane and East Lane.
Sincere thanks to the many - very generous – donations and to those who attended the Coffee Morning at ‘Manor Ley’.
Thanks to you, Derek will not be forgotten.

Brattleby Parish Council has obtained a £2800 grant from LCC Conservation and Wildlife Fund, to construct a new footpath and wild life area as mentioned above. A further grant of £450 has been obtained for trees and shrubs.
The work is expected to be completed by the spring.

The December 22nd Carol Service was attended by a congregation of 45.

The next Parish Council meeting will be held on 12th of March, 7pm

News Update January 2018

Updated the footpath page with progress to date. We have been awarded two grants to do the work. Looking forward to celebrating this latest achievement. Any suggestions to the format of the celebration please let us know! (feedback option or any PC member).

News Update December 2017

Best Christmas wishes to all in Brattleby from Arthur and Sandra Melton:

Arthur and Sandra

Derek Franklin Memorial Fund

Following the Coffee Morning  of the  9th of December  the current total raised amounts to £1040. We would like to thank all those who have donated so generously and kindly. These included Jo Mark and Patrons of the Black Horse, Ingham. 

As the sum raised is greater than the cost of a head stone, a ‘bench seat’ will be purchased and placed in Brattleby village in memory of Derek.

coffee morning

Photo by vv

coffee morning

Lincolnshire Highways is to attend to various village issues including, moving the south re- active speed sign to the other side of the road, repairing pot holes, ‘jetting’ the drain near School House and ‘refreshing’ the white ‘slow’ signs on the road north and south of the village. 

The Brattleby Neighbourhood Plan finally ‘crossed the finishing line’ on Monday 13th of November when it was formally adopted by WLDC.?Congratulations and thanks to Parish Council members and Lynne and Rob Doyle, the two residents involved during this 2 year project. 

Scampton and Ingham Parish Councils have agreed to back Brattleby P/C in pursuing the idea of a uniform speed limit between Ingham and Scampton to replace the existing - and confusing – differing limits between the two villages. A ‘blanket’ 40mph has been suggested.
The Brattleby candle lit Carol Service with choir, will be held on Friday 22nd of December. Mulled wine and mince pies available. Arrive 6-30 pm for the wine/pies, service to commence 7pm.?Not to be missed! 

Brattleby church grass cutting rota is due to be written for 2018. Should any community minded person wish to join the team, please contact John Spratley Church Warden or the author Mike Spencer.

The new ‘Call Connect’ bus service for the area was launched in the village on Friday 3rd of November. The event was attended by 5 residents. See web site and village notice board for details of how to use this service.

 A View From Brattleby December 2017.
 (The content of ‘A View From Brattleby’ articles and stories written for the Village Venture, are the personal views of Mike Spencer as a private individual. Copyright applies.)

The days are getting shorter, the weather becoming colder and thoughts about just what is happening at Christmas with the family seem to be a daily topic of conversation. 
“Are we going to the children’s or are they both coming here?? “Well I don’t know, haven’t they mentioned anything to you?”? “The last time I heard anything, Jonathan and Co were going to Jane’s sisters on Christmas day and we’re supposed to be going to theirs on Boxing Day.”?“ I thought we were going to Kate and Martyn’s on Christmas day, as they’re going to Martyn’s Mother’s on Boxing Day?”? “No! Martyn’s parents are coming over to Kate’s on Boxing Day and they’re all going to Market Rasen Races.”? I’m sure we’re not the only family going through this??But try and imagine what life would be like if we didn’t have these choices? 

More than 9 million people in the UK say they are always or often lonely, from young sin- gle mums, to the elderly and the recently retired. The issue of loneliness is most acute in rural areas.
Gone are the days when Mrs Smith the widow living alone, could rely on old Sid to drop in with a few ‘greens’ and stop for a ‘cuppa’ and a chat. Both the milk man and the postman would both have been known by name and seen daily, quite happy to drop a birthday card in for Mrs Jones at the other end of the village. 

According to a survey in 2016, a third of us would not recognise other nearby residents if they met them in the street. Furthermore, 1 in 4 have fallen out with their neighbours, for various reasons. Also, over 40% of people polled admitted to deliberately ignoring neighbours on more than one occasion. 
The average Briton knows 6 neighbours by name and more than half of those polled said there was no community spirit in their neighbourhood.? In Boston, the ‘British Red Cross’ is so concerned, they’ve set up a 12 week project called, ‘Connecting Communities’ to try and address the issue of rural loneliness. 
Their object is to help people to rediscover their former interests, rebuild independence, make new friends and encourage people to ‘stay involved’. 
In our locality, several of the members of the Ingham Practice ‘Tuesday Lunch Club’ (TLC) have told me, some weeks, the only time they sit and chat to anyone is at the club and it’s the highlight of their week!?Incidentally, if you could spare a Tuesday once a month, we’re still looking for volunteers to assist the cook to prepare veg etc. and set tables. Please contact Chris Sneath on 731661, or Mike Spencer. 
So let’s hope no one we know, is left on their own this Christmas.

Sincere Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year, Mike Spencer.?15/11/17? 

News Update November 2017

On the afternoon of Tuesday 7th of November, 2500 purple Crocus bulbs donated by Bailgate Rotary, and organised by John Spratley were planted in various areas within the village.
The significance of the colour purple (Purple4Polio) dates back to 1985 when the International Rotary Society took the bold decision to attempt to rid the world of Polio by raising funds for immunisation. Since 2012, Rotary has raised around 1.2 million pounds, which has been distributed to 15 countries.
Bill Gates of Microsoft fame, offered to donate £1 for every £1 raised for the cause.
Since the ‘End Polio Now’ campaign started, the reported cases of Polio has dropped to single figures. 

The photos show members of Bailgate Rotary, children from Scampton School and members of the Brattleby Parish Council planting the bulbs.
See also, story in the Lincolnite.
crocus planting

Photo byJohn Spratley

crocus planting

crocus planting

Photo byJohn Spratley

crocus planting

crocus planting

crocus planting

Please note that Dispatch the system used to send out Parish website email alerts will be down from Friday 10 November until Thursday 16 November. I will still be able to edit the rest of the site as normal during this time however.  

'A life?' is a story about a local resident who recently passed away. It can be found on the history page. Responses to this story are added as they come in, so please do check (3 response to date 9 November).
Sincere thanks to the anonymous person who placed the envelope containing £20 through the letter box on Wednesday 8th of November for the Derrick Franklin Memorial Fund.

After two years work, the Brattleby Neighbourhood Plan has finally been completed and awaits adoption - in November – by WLDC Planning. At the recent referendum, 97% of residents voted in favour of the plan.
The Plan, in its entirety, can been viewed on the Brattleby P/C web site.

The Macmillan Coffee Morning held at Manor Ley in September in conjunction with M&S, raised just un- der £1600. Sincere thanks to all the helpers and the loyal supporters of our charity events.

A Planning Application has been received by the Parish Council for the 'conversion' of a brick shed at the rear of Corner Cottage, Back Lane, into a 2 bedroom bungalow, with access via the 'green lane' between Corner Cottage and Robindale. The Brattleby Neighbourhood Plan clearly identifies areas within the vil- lage, regarded as suitable and acceptable for future development. This is not one of them
At the Parish Council Meeting of 11th September, the members voted unanimously to reject this application as it is not within the bounds of the aforementioned plan and would be detrimental to the character of the village, 'Corner Cottage' (a listed building) and Back Lane in general. Therefore, a written response has been made to WLDC Planning, asking them to Refuse the application. This is available to view on the Brattleby P/C web site.

Brattleby Parish Council is to carry out research with a view to extending the current Conservation Area.

Speeding traffic on the B1398 through the villages is a constant topic at P/C meetings.
The placing of Reactive Speed Signs at Brattleby and Scampton has moderately moderately successful. However, there is a 'hardcore' of motorists who totally ignore any of the limits.
As a result, Brattleby P/C has written to the other councils involved, looking towards the possibility of a 'combined' effort to resolve this long standing issue by a single 40 MPH speed limit from the bottom of 'Cow Hill' at Ingham, to the 30mph at Scampton replaceing the existing (confusing) current numerous dif- fering speed restrictions.
Scampton, Ingham and Aisthorpe have agreed, Cammeringham has declined.

coffee morning

Photo by VV

coffee morning

News Update October 2017

The Annual Village Bonfire will take place on Saturday 4 November  6pm start, please see the leaflet that came through your letterbox for further details.

Call Connect Invite

Photo by CC

Call Connect invite

Re: Planning Application 136601 Corner Cottage Brattleby:

At the recent extraordinary meeting regarding the above application, my Parish Council voted unanimously, the application be refused, as it is not in accordance with the current Brattleby Neighbourhood Plan.
See for the full response the Planning page (left pane).

News Update September 2017

There is now a consultation on the green waste collection. You can find out more through this link

The Brattleby Neighbourhood Plan vote on 31 August returned 35 in favour and 1  against. So this means that it has been accepted by our community. Well done! See the Neighbourhood Plan page for the declaration of results and Decision statement. 

There is one final stage for us to complete, and that is to formally pass the final Neighbourhood Plan over to WLDC at the next full council meeting. The next available meeting is on the 13th November at 7pm. More info nearer to the time.

Village Venture views from Brattleby:

As I write, the harvest is in full swing, the farmers are working night and day utilising every moment of dry weather available, the Combines are tracking up and down the fields enveloped in a cloud of dust, sometimes totally invisible, looking like a 'hither to unknown' monster devouring the crop. Gone are the days when farm workers came home from harvest looking like a coal miner, it's all filters, 'air con' and satellites now. Farm work today - once a 'muscle' job - is now that of a technician, handling machines often costing hundreds of thousands of pounds. 

I stopped to speak to a retired farm worker friend at Cammeringham the other day, who remembers carrying 18 stone sacks of grain all day long. He reckoned peas were even worse, often weighing anything up to 22 stone. 'Elf n Safety' would have a fit today and damn right too! 

One of my abiding memories of harvest time was the practice of straw burning, banned in 1993. It used to be quite a spectacle driving home at night and looking over the Trent valley from Carlton hill top, as dusk approached, the sky glowing a brilliant red. 

---------?The Referendum for the Brattleby Neighbourhood Plan was held on August 31st at the BSA village Hall. 

The result will be published in November. If passed, it will become a legal document and be adopted by West Lindsey and used in all future planning applications within the Parish. 

Dog fouling has now become an offence in the WLDC area. Any person proven to be guilty, will incur a fine of £75. 

A visit to Lockwood Estates Anaerobic Digester by a group of Brattleby residents took place on the evening of 3rd of August. Many thanks to Andrew Buckley and the site team for a very instructive and interesting visit. 

The Next Brattleby Parish Council meeting will be held on Monday 11th of September at the BSA Village Hall 7pm. 

'Macmillan Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning' Saturday 23rd of September will be held at 'Manor Ley', School Lane, Brattleby – 10am – 1pm. 

(In conjunction with Marks & Spencer's) Good quality ladies clothes, shoes and accessories. 

Home made cakes, hand made cards and bric a brac Raffle with good prizes.?See Community page. 

It's with great sadness I report the loss of our beloved Labrador Barney, he was a gentle soul and known to most people in the village, he was almost 15. He died peacefully laid in the sunshine on the back lawn on August 10th, with the family sat around him. I don't think my life will ever be quite the same. 

“You never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory”. (Dr Seuss Geisel) 

Best summer wishes,?Mike Spencer. 15/08/17

News Update August 2017

West-Lindsey District Council is inviting people for the Budget Consultation for 2017. See the Parish Council page (attached files) for further details of meetings.

If you would like to attend the count after the referendum for the Neighbourhood Plan at the BSA Village Hall at 10:00pm, please email your details to the election office on or before Thursday 24 August so you can be issued with a ticket (otherwise entry will be refused). The email address is (Celia Chapman is dealing with this).

News Update July 2017

Invite to Brattleby Residents:

Are You Interested in Green Energy?

If so, would you like to join us on a visit to Lockwood’s Anaerobic Digester on the evening of Thursday 3rd of August?

The plant is situated on the right of Spridlington Road east of the A15 - meet in the plant car park at 6pm.

Decent shoes are a must.

Maximum of 20 persons.

Please notify Mike Spencer 730466 -

The date for the referendum on the Brattleby Neighbourhood Plan has now been set at Thursday 31 August at the BSA Village Hall from 6am till 9pm. 

Notice of referendum

Photo by wldc

Notice of referendum

Open Farm Sunday

Photo by VV

Open Farm Sunday

Brattleby Open Churches Weekend held 13/14th of May. The event raised £320 towards the church restoration fund.

The Brattleby Neighbourhood Plan is now complete and has been approved - with a few minor amendments - by the appointed independent examiner. It is anticipated it will be approved by West Lindsey Planning, after which, it will go to Referendum. A provisional date for this has been set by WLDC for 24th of August at the BSA Village Hall. 

Residents will be further informed.

The Annual Brattleby Parish Meeting ( a statuary requirement) was held at the BSA Village Hall on Monday 12th of June. This event is designed specificly to give residents the opportunity to draw attention to any 'village' matters of concern. Tea, coffee and biscuits were provided.

The meeting was attended by 3 parish council members and two wives.

The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Monday 19th of July, 7pm BSA Village Hall.

A meeting of Springline Parish Council Chair Person's was held on Tuesday 6th of June by the organisers of the forthcoming Scampton Air Show, to discus local issues, particularly that of traffic. Further information will be available nearer the event by advertising and 'leaflet drops'.

News Update June 2017

From West Lindsey District Council (this info and the order can also be found on the parish council page under attachments):

The Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) for dog fouling – what it means for you and your Parish

A new PSPO became effective on 5th June 2017, replacing old legislation to ensure that West Lindsey District Council can continue to take action against irresponsible dog owners. This means we are able to use fixed penalty notices of £75 or prosecution against those who do not clear up after their dog or do not dispose of the waste properly.

How to report

We know that many areas in the District suffer from irresponsible dog owners and walkers not picking up after their dog. While West Lindsey District Council cannot provide regular patrols across the District there are ways you can help us to tackle this issue:

1) If you have seen someone fail to clear up after their dog, know them, and are willing to give us a statement, then please report the incident to us on 01427 676676 or online at By getting a statement from you we may have the evidence to issue a fixed penalty notice or prosecute the offender.

2) If you know when and where an offence is regularly occurring you can let us know this and we will aim to get an officer in the area to try to catch someone in the act. Please contact us using the same details as above, but specify the location of the offence e.g. outside number 10 Example Street, and the times e.g. each weekday between 7 and 7.30am, as well as any description you may have e.g. tall male walking black Labrador with a red collar.

3) If you do not know who the offender is and cannot give specific details we may not be able to take action; however you can report problem areas for a street cleanse, and request additional dog bins, by calling 01427 676676.

Dog waste can be deposited in normal litter bins as well as the specific red ones, or in household waste wheeled bins, as long as it is properly bagged.

Thank you for working with us to make West Lindsey a cleaner, greener place to live.

News Update May 2017

The Annual Parish Meeting will take place on Monday 12 June (NEW DATE) at the BSA Village Hall from 7pm. Topics include the Neighbourhood Plan and the Reinstatement of the Footpath East Lane - Backlane (see page to the left). Refreshments provided.

The Neighbourhood Plan is now finalised and can be found on the page. The next step is for the procedure to be completed by the District Council and after that the Referendum will be organised (likely to be at the end of the summer).

The financial statement. governance statement and public right to access documents can be found on the new page (see left pane).

The new reactive speed sign for the south of the village has now been fitted. The sign has 'Data Capture' and will enable the Parish Council to monitor traffic volume and average speeds. In 2008, a survey by the Police indicated 22,000 vehicles ( no, not a miss print) per week use the B1398, 60% of which were speeding, several exceeding 80 mph!

For almost a year, there's been no complaints to the Parish Council of 'dog fouling'. However, this has once again become an issue. Residents are respectfully asked, to carry 'poo bags' and use them anywhere within the village.  The village limits are - east/west - A15 to Thorpe Le Fallows. North/south - Aisthorpe to Cammeringham.

Future Events

The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Monday 15th of May 7pm at the BSA Village Hall.

West Lindsey Open Churches Weekend 13/14th May. As usual, Brattleby St Cuthbert's will be open from 11am to 4pm both days, where you're ensured of a warm welcome from the Village Church Committee. Call in for a cup of tea/coffee and a slice of cake, have a chat about village history. In fact, anything to do with the village or its future. Freshly made sandwiches available throughout the day.