Local Plan Central Lincolnshire

Update October  2014

Brattleby PC has responded with objections to the Plan. See attachment below. Hard copy can be found in the busshelter.

A flyer is distributed to all residents. It can be downloaded from the attachments list below.


There will be an additional venue for the  Local Plan  Consultation, which will be the Epic Centre, Lincs Showground from 4pm – 6.30pm on 22 October 2014.

This will be followed by a meeting of West Lindsey DC (see attachment below) to discuss a petition from the residents of Saxilby and the options for the District Council to consider withdrawal from the Central Lincolnshire Planning Partnership. 

From paper A (see attached below):


2.1 The Council has received a petition from residents in Saxilby about growth in Saxilby. This has been signed by over 550 residents of Saxilby.

2.2 Wording of the Petition

“West Lindsey District Council is ‘partner’ with Lincoln and North Kesteven creating a Central Lincolnshire Local Plan, this may result in Saxilby becoming an urban overspill for Lincoln.

We, the undersigned, demand West Lindsey District Council breaks away from the Central Lincolnshire Joint Planning Unit and regains independence as a Forward Planning Authority to provide a District Local Plan”.


The PC chair Mike Spencer and one resident went to a consultation meeting on Monday 13 October. At the PC meeting it was decided that the owners of the dwellings directly affected would be contacted to discuss the prospects of the plan as currently presented. The PC has a form on which it will lodge its objections. The form should be available through the weblink below if you want to have a look at it and/or submit your own concerns and objections electronically. If you do, please let the PC have a copy so we can coordinate our actions and strengthen our arguments. 

Currently the Local Plan is ready for consulation from October 1, 2014. For further information see the weblink below.

Implications for Brattleby are noted below and relate to proposed sites for housing.

Housing areas proposed planning

Photo by BPC

Housing areas proposed planning