Footpath East Lane - Backlane

News Update December 2017

We are pleased to let you know that we have been awarded a £450 Community Wildlife Grant from Lincolnshire County Council. With this money we bought bulbs, trees, seeds, and weedkiller. A party consisting of John, Sue, Rob, Lynne, Ann, Barry, Chris and Martha have planted bulbs and trees, pruned and chopped, and mown the path. 

We have been conditionally awarded a grant (worth around £2700) for the path and groundwork by Lincolnshire County Council’s Community Grant scheme. The condition is around the adverse possession and we are at present clarifying any remaining issues so we can proceed with our planned works.

News Update August 2017

Reinstatement of footpath to connect East Lane and Back Lane Brattleby 

Dear Residents,

We would like your views on the design and layout of the proposed path and the surrounding areas of the fenced land between East Lane and Backlane (see small map below).

You can do this by drawing or writing on the map on the reverse of this sheet. If you would like a closer look at the area we could organise a site visit.

Please let us have your suggestions by the 15 July 2017 so we can take this forward and organise funding. Further consultations, if needed, will take place by the end of August.

You can return the map and your suggestions to any member of the Parish Council.  The coordination of the project is with

-       Ann Brooks – The Garden House, Back Lane (730132)

-       Martha Vahl - Glebe Farm, Cliff Top  (738257)

The information can also be found on the footpath East Lane – Back Lane page on the Brattleby website :


footpath invitation

Photo byABMV

footpath invitation


plan path

Photo byMS

plan path