West Lindsey District Council Corona virus updates

As things progress with the Coronavirus pandemic we recognise there is a lot of uncertainty amongst parish/town councils and community organisations. We are now providing a regular bulletin to give you the latest news, updates and details of support specifically for community based organisations across West Lindsey.

The bulletin can be dowloaded as a PDF documen (see below)t. If you have any difficulties accessing it please contact us. Please do share this bulletin with other community organisations operating in West Lindsey. 

In issue number 3:

Important Updates in this issue:

·         New grant funding announced for groups supporting vulnerable people

·         Changes to how Parish/Town Council meetings can be conducted

In this issue:

1.         What’s New in this Bulletin

2.         Coronavirus Update

3.         Register your groups activities

4.         Individuals Looking for Help

5.         Support for Voluntary & Community Sector

6.         Grants and Funding

7.         Support for Businesses and Self-Employed

8.         How People can Volunteer

9.         Changes to Parish/Town Council Meeting

10.       Council Service Disruptions

11.       Social Media Updates

12.       Community Heroes Spotlight: Volunteers for Caistor

 If you have not received this bulletin directly you can join our mailing list by e-mailing: community@west-lindsey.gov.uk


Help us share local good news

Please share with us your stories and photos of volunteer activity throughout West Lindsey during the pandemic. 

Help us shine a light on the work of volunteers by: 

·         Promoting good news and achievement of volunteering on your website, Facebook page and other social media 

·         Share good news stories with us so we can build a picture of community effort across West Lindsey 

·         E-mail any good news stories and pictures to: community@west-lindsey.gov.uk

Bulletin Feedback

If you have any feedback about this new bulletin or have suggestions on content you think will be useful to other groups please e-mail us: community@west-lindsey.gov.uk


On behalf of West Lindsey District Council and our many wonderful communities thank you for your support and effort during these challenging times.


Kind regards,


Grant White

Communities Manager