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Residents ‘Lockdown’ Update (08 June 2020).  

St Cuthbert’s Church Brattleby.


Whether you happen to be interested in history or not, almost every adult or child has heard of Henry the Eighth of England. Bear this fact in mind as you read on….


St Cuthbert’s church has undergone a huge restoration programme over the last 10 years, complete new roof, re-leaded spire, re-pointing, electrical rewire and new heating/drainage system.

The total cost of this work, is in the region of £160,000. Quite a large sum to raise for a village of 45 houses and 95 residents!


The most recent work to be carried out is that of the removal of parts of the decaying Victorian plaster work and the re-plastering with lime plaster, which allows the walls ‘to breath’. The bill for this came to £5500, paid for from the remaining funds of the ‘Friends of St Cuthbert’s’ Church Committee.

Once this has dried out over the summer months, it’s hoped a re-decorating programme can commence, which will finally complete the long, arduous and time consuming task of restoring our neglected Grade2* Listed Church! 


At the risk of sounding a little boastful, our church is a bit special! Parts of it date back almost a thousand years, we have the base of a Saxon Cross in the churchyard, which is even older (also listed and one of only 3 in the country in its original socket) and of course, the 3 bells, described as being ‘Of Historical Importance’ and dating from 1450.


So where does Henry Eighth fit into the story? If you happen to be sitting in your garden one quiet summer day and hear the church bells striking in the distance, just think, those very same bells were calling Brattleby residents to church, 40 years before Henry the Eighth was born!


Try Googling- Brattleby church bells.


Mike Spencer.


Bored with ‘lockdown’!

See for the latest issue of the Village Venture the Village Venture Magazine page (updated every week)

The Village Pump.

Village Pump

Photo by MS

Village Pump

As we fill our kettles to make the first cup of tea of the day, the majority of us don’t give this simple procedure a second thought.

However, if we were Brattleby residents in 1947, we might have needed to, for if the galvanized water bucket in the pantry was empty, it might mean a trip to the village pump?

Brattleby and the other ‘Springline’ villages, weren’t called Springline, without good reason, they were ‘settled’ because they had a guaranteed supply of clean water from the limestone ‘Lincoln Edge’ above the villages. 

Brattleby in particular, had a reliable ‘spring’ in a cops of trees on the hillside (still  running today) which provided water to the village and its mill pond (now the stream under the B1398)

Piped water came to the village in 1948 and then, for most, it was just a tap at the gate. Prior to this, the only source of ‘potable’ water was an individual ‘well’ in the garden, or alternatively, the ‘village pump’. When wells became obsolete, the majority were filled in with household rubbish, including the one on School Lane.

It’s long been a Parish Council ambition to re-erect a ‘village pump’ on School Lane as a reminder of country life for previous generations of Brattleby residents. 

A chance remark on the subject to friends at the gym, brought the whole issue into sharp focus when he said he’d a brand new cast iron pump (still in its box) in his shed. It’d been given to him as a birthday present (odd?) several years ago, would I like it?

It’s since stood in my own shed for several months awaiting installation, but finally, this week, the School Lane village pump can be seen once again!  

Many thanks to Jim & Jane for their kind donation of the pump and Dave Jakes for the installation.

MS 10/05/20

Recycling Lincoln

Photo byBPC

Recycling Lincoln

Recent news that over 26,000 people have succumbed to the Covid-19 virus is deeply disturbing. Add to this, the unknown number of deaths in care homes and it soon becomes utterly unfathomable.

After weeks of ‘Lockdown’, I’m sure we could all do with some form of a ‘Beacon’ to point us towards the summer and hopefully, better news.

With this thought in mind, Isobel Wright, who had been raising some plants from seeds, has offered to provide her spare sunflower seedlings for Brattleby residents to plant in their gardens in a prominent position for all to see.

The vision being, as the plants grow, they will provide a gentle reminder that nature carries on regardless. Come the summer, when in full bloom, their bright yellow faces will be a Brattleby village symbol against this momentous and unprecedented issue.

If you would like a pot of seedlings you may find them near Isobel’s gate – Manor Farm, School Lane.  Please take a pot for your neighbour too.  They are not the giant kind of sunflowers – they will grow up to about 2m tall (5 or 6 feet).  If there are none there when you pass by please drop her a note through the door or an email on Isobel_wright@btinternet.com and she will be happy to arrange socially distanced collection or delivery. 

Let’s hope by the summer, “Flattening the curve” becomes a term used exclusively in the Gym!

Mike Spencer

May 2020 Update

Village Venture weekly online magazine: see below in the attachment section

Village News Update 20th of April.

As we continue on ‘lockdown’ and the issue of the supply of food stuffs becomes ever more acute, on behalf of the Parish Council I would like to offer my sincere thanks to the residents who continue to provide ‘shopping facilities’ for Anne and I and other ‘at risk’ residents within the village, either by adding to their ‘on line’ shopping list, or trips to supermarkets.

The ‘war spirit’ is re-born!

There’s an old saying I first heard in the 1960’s, “Lincolnshire, the best kept secret”

I think it was what one might call a ‘back handed compliment’, meaning, a ‘back water’ place where nothing much ever happens. What a blessing it is today! Even more so in a village like Brattleby, with 45 houses and 95 adult residents.

I’m sure we’ve all been avidly watching the latest Corona Virus report each evening and been constantly shocked and saddened by the statistics, our hearts going out to all those who’ve lost loved ones and particularly the members of the NHS who’ve given their lives in the line of duty, very few of us can say we’ve put our lives at risk on a daily basis by simply just going to work! 

Being in an ‘at risk’ category due to age – a fact I find hard to come to terms with – we are now in our 38th day of ‘Self Isolation’ and it’s hard!

It will come to an end, just when, your guess is as good as mine. So, let’s try and stay positive, the weather continues to be excellent (just imagine a similar situation in November!) we have a number good walks in and around the village, which many residents appear to be taking full advantage of.

Just think, in years to come our children will say, remember when…..

Sincere thanks good people of Brattleby.

Mike Spencer.


Footnote – See ‘Brattleby at War’ in the history section.


Barry Nelson's story

winter lay-up inland

Photo by YM

winter lay-up inland

See his story from 1997 in the Yachting Monthly Magazine, to be downloaded see below.

Springline Gardening April 2020 publication

Useful tips and pictures from Liz - pictures, websites, things to do in the garden.
the docuement can be downloaded - see below

Local suppliers or will supply locally (credit to Liz Green, Scampton)

Tower Garden Centre, Hemswell

They will deliver to your door your gardening requirements, bedding plants, tomato plants, etc, etc, give them a call on 01427668887 or 07933367438 for more informa=on.

East Anglia Dairy delivers milk in Scampton on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays – 01636 614760

Dave’s Daily Bread is baking bread while he is able to get flour and yeast and will supply free to the NHS members and the over 70@s locally - www.davesdaillybread.co.uk – 07584653877

Foster’s Butches and Bakers, 111 Monks Road, Lincoln, will be delivering to Scampton on Fridays. For more informa=on ring 01522 523369.

Brattleby Road System Pre- 1810

If you can any comments or questions please contact Mike Spencer 

map of Brattleby road system pre-1810

Photo by MS

Brattleby Road system pre 1810