Bonfire night 2008

The Brattleby Bonfire Night was held in the Paddock on Friday, 7th November. Jacket potatoes, sausage rolls and parkin were served together with coffee and wine. Approximately 30 villagers attended.

Picnic in the Paddock

We are having a picnic in the paddock on Sunday 24th August from 12 o'clock. Bring a bun and something to sit on. It is for all Brattleby residents and friends.

Brattleby Parish Council - Mike Spencer 730466- John Spratley 731156

Marsh Plants 

The plants for the paddock marsh will be ready in June. We hope to plant them on the 12th of June.There are about 200 plants of various sizes to put in, so some help on the day would be appreciated.We will start at 10 o'clock You would need a trowel and good shoes.

Ann Brooks.