Marshalls Bros (Butterwick) Ltd


Marshalls of Butterwick began back in 1929 growing various vegetables for wholesale markets.  Three brothers called Marshall were small farmers who farmed within ¾ mile of each other, probably 30/40 acres of land each.  They decided that they would purchase a three ton lorry to transport their own produce all over the British Isles.  Eventually they decided to purchase from other farmers to keep going the numerous markets they had obtained and also had to increase the number of Lorries.  So it was that the firm Marshall Bros, Produce Merchants began and gathered speed increasing and growing.

In the summer during the war when growing conditions were favourable they decided they must have another outlet for their surplus cauliflowers.  So the idea came to put them in brine in barrels to store for a short period until the firm Crosse & Blackwell could deal with it for their famous ‘Branston Pickle’.  This started in the field in front of one of the brothers’ farms in just a few barrels, but increased at a pace that a more permanent and larger yard had to be found.

Eventually it finished up at the Mill Yard, Mill Lane, Butterwick where at one time a miller lived who ground his own flour.  The three brothers decided then to increase their farms, Frank - the land at Freiston, Albert - a larger farm at Fishtoft which left the Produce and Brining to Stanley.

They were the largest employer in Butterwick and in November 2007 Produce World Ltd acquired Marshalls Holdings Ltd, a group of companies that includes Marshall Bros (Butterwick) Ltd.

Unfortunately after a consultation the site at Butterwick will close in August 2015.

Compiled by J W and Mrs J Barnes from local knowledge.

John W (Jack) Barnes is the nephew of Mr A Marshall.

updated June 2015