Lincolnshire Police & Neighbourhood Watch Alerts


In an emergency, in a situation requiring immediate Police response such as:

·         danger to life

·         use, or immediate threat of use, of violence

·         a crime in progress

·         serious injury to a person

·         offender that has just been disturbed at the scene

·         when a crime is about to be committed

Dial 999

Where a uniformed presence is required but you are not in immediate danger such as:

·         a stolen car

·         property damaged

·         suspected drug use

·         minor road accident

·         to give information

·         make a general enquiry

Dial 101

The Parish council area is designated as Sleaford Rural South.  Your PCSOs are:

Colin IRONMONGER               Tel: 101 Extension 3828          Mobile: 07939 887765

Patrick WELBY-EVERARD        Tel: 101 Extension 3828          Mobile: 07939 312792

(Please note that it is better to use 101 Extension 3828 as your first point of call, the operator will advise which PCSO is on duty).

Calls to “101” cost only 15p, regardless of the duration of the call.

You may have information or concerns that you wish to pass on anonymously for whatever reason.  Please consider calling Crimestoppers (0800 555 111).  Crimestoppers is an independent charity organization with contacts not only with the Police, Border Agency, Revenue and Customs, etc but in other areas such as social and child welfare.  Any information given will be directed to an appropriate agency.  Your information may be just the missing piece of the jigsaw needed to complete a bigger picture.

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