Public Rights of Way

FP 754

Photo by Cranwell PC Clerk

LCC Definitive Map showing missing FP

As many of you are aware, the footpath (FP754) from Willow Lane/North Road, has now been blocked off, stopping people from walking on toward Bridleway No.1 at Green Lane.

The route behind the Bristow Estate is not on the current Definitive Footpath Map.  To add what is known as FP3 to the map, Lincolnshire County Council Countryside Services have requested the completion of as many Definitive Map Modification Order Public Rights of Way:  User Evidence Forms as possible.

Completed forms should be returned to the Clerk to the Parish Council as quickly as possible.

Please note:  You should complete all questions on this form as carefully and precisely as possible, as it will form important legal evidence.  Please mark the precise route you took on the map where requested, using a thin nib pen and showing clearly on which side of boundaries you passed.

LCC have said that any evidence of collusion in the forms could reduce the weight of this evidence or result in the forms being discounted, so individuals should complete their own forms as the value of their evidence can be reduced if the form is completed by someone else without good reason.  This form should be completed by one person only.