Local Elections 2019

Local Elections 2 May 2019

Bring ID to Vote

Photo by NKDC

Bring ID to Vote

Posting on behalf of NKDC.


Please find attached the following Notices that must be displayed on parish notice boards and website (where available) as soon as possible.


·          ‘Statement of Persons Nominated’ for the District Ward – Ashby de le Launde and Cranwell


·         ‘Statement of Persons Nominated’ for your parish


·         ‘Notice of Uncontested Election’


Accordingly, there will be a NKDC ward election but no election for Cranwell, Brauncewell and Byard's Leap Parish Council on 2 May 2019.


NKDC will write to each candidate over the coming days to confirm they are elected (please note that this will take some days alongside other ongoing work).


NKDC are in the process of updating the website where more information can be found using the following link:




Voter ID

A reminder that voters will be required to bring ID to vote at polling stations on 2 May 2019 and your help in promoting this message is appreciated.

For further details on accepted types of ID, please visit www.n-kesteven.gov.uk/voterID


Thanks for all your help.


NK Electoral Services Team