Internal Auditor Required!

Are you able to help your community? Faldingworth Parish Council are seeking an Internal Auditor

Faldingworth Parish Council are seeking an Internal Auditor to:

· Review the accounting and internal control systems, noting that their establishment and alteration is the responsibility of the Council

· Report to Council on the results of such tests of the system that are carried out

· Report to Council in the format required in the Annual Return, as published by the Audit Commission each year

·  Carry out test checking of the books, accounts and vouchers as required

The Internal Auditor will have direct access to a meeting of the full Council after appropriate notice (except in an emergency), to deliver any report in person should it be considered necessary.

There is no requirement for a person providing the internal audit role to be professionally qualified, but essential competencies to be sought from any internal audit service include:

·        understanding basic book-keeping and accounting processes;  

·        understanding  the role of internal audit in reviewing systems rather than undertaking detailed checks that are more appropriately the responsibility of management;

·        awareness of relevant risk management issues; and 

·        understanding proper practices in relation to governance and accounting requirements within the legal framework and powers of smaller authorities. (Reference material can be provided to support this knowledge requirement)

The Internal Auditor cannot be anyone with a close relationship to any serving member of the Council.

This role in our small community, with limited financial resources, should not take a significant amount of time.  Meetings are held bi-monthly and the necessary paperwork is provided for each meeting.
If you are interested in this voluntary position and would like an informal chat about the role please contact:

Sue Aikman, Clerk to Faldingworth Parish Council

Tel: 07922 312159