The Town Council has a wide and varied range of responsibilities which include the following: -

  • Richmond Park
  • Roses Sports Ground
  • Marshalls Sports Ground
  • General Cemetery and North Warren Cemetery
  • Levellings Playing Field
  • Aisby Walk Playing Field & Skate Park
  • 5 Allotments sites (Love Lane, North Warren, Showfields, Spital Hill & Foxby Hill)
  • 8 Play Areas (Aisby Walk, Danes Road, Levellings, Mayflower, Sandsfield Lane North, Sandsfield Lane South, South Parade, St Georges)
  • Christmas Lights & switch on event
  • Property portfolio i.e. Ropery Road garages and associated users
  • Amenity grass cutting and maintenance
  • Street Furniture
  • Cenotaph (War Memorial on Parnell St)
  • Millennium Clock
  • Website
  • Bus shelters
  • Neighbourhood Plan
  • Roundabouts (Thorndike Roundabout & Corringham Road Roundabout)

Population 18,000
Gainsborough has 7,115 households (source 2001 census).