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To make sure that the Council provides the right support to the right people, a scale has been developed that when completed, will help to pinpoint where the people and areas of greatest need are. This need might be due to loneliness or isolation, poor health or wellbeing, lack of things to do, or even communities that are struggling to get along. Whatever the need is, it’s important that we know where it is and who is affected so that we can focus our support.

The Flourishing Scale is simple to complete and takes the form of ten statements that are scored out of 10 – with 10 showing the greatest satisfaction. There are two sets of statements, one for individuals, and another for communities.


We would really appreciate your contribution to this exercise. Therefore, to submit a response for your community, or yourself, please go to: cut out and complete the statements in the attachment and return them to: FREEPOST North Kesteven District Council (or simply NKDC).