Parish Council Working Group

Following the public meeting in Heckington Village Hall on Friday 23rd November 2016, regarding the use of the village playing fields, and importantly, the behaviour of irresponsible dog owners, it was decided to form a small working group representing all aspects of this ongoing problem.

The first meeting has been held with a view to resolving the surrounding issues. The working group are pleased to inform that this was a very successful discussion, with all sides airing their views.  It was unanimously agreed that dog faeces on the playing field and within the village streets, is totally unacceptable.  It was further agreed that the working group would present options for discussion regarding the use of the village playing fields including ideas for tackling dog faeces for the next meeting.

Whilst ongoing discussions are to be held in the new year, the working group would like to clarify the Parish Council’s current position regarding dogs on the village playing fields:

The Parish Council provided the following statement to the group –

The present five meter rule remains in place on the playing field, i.e. dogs may be walked around the five meter perimeter of the field ON LEADS.  Enforcement action will be taken for those irresponsible dog owners flouting this rule.

The working group will be meeting again in the New Year.