Policies and Procedures

Definitions - Policy - a course or principle of action adopted or proposed by an organisation. Procedure - an established or official way of doing something

Heckington Parish Council has a number of documents and policies that govern the way the Parish Council operates its services and functions as a Corporate Body.  

These documents and policies are governed by law, legislation or by employing best practice methods, ensuring the Parish Council is open and transparent at all times.  

A thorough review of policy documentation is undertaken at least annually (or as legislation dictates).

Copies of individual policies in 'Microsoft Word' format are available upon request.

Please note -

The attached policies were adopted at the Annual Council Meeting on 21st May 2018 (except IDPP, R&D and Social Media policies, which were adopted on 30th April 2018)

Some policies remain under review and have not yet been adopted by the Council (Absence, Allotment and Cemetery)