Village Hall Renovations 2019

Read this page for up to date information regarding the renovation work at Heckington's much loved Village Hall.

On Heckington’s High Street stands our Village Hall.  It was built in 1858 and the plaque on the front shows that it started life as a Temperance Hall, a meeting place for the teetotal movement in the 19th Century.  The man who built it was Dr Moses Franks.  He was the village doctor and became convinced that many of the health and social problems of his day were drink-related.  Dr Franks started a temperance movement group in one of the local chapels, but then became very annoyed when he was told the group could no longer go on meeting there, because they were not serving a religious function.  Undaunted and with the confidence of the Victorian era, Mr Franks simply had a new hall built in his own front garden and at his own expense of £800.  His efforts were derided in the local press as an unnecessary wasted of money but the communi9ty as a whole has reason to be very grateful for his generosity in giving the Hall to the village when he retired in 1863.  The central Hall was built with a caretaker’s cottage on one side and a small two-storey section on the other side, which once housed the penny library.  It cost a penny a month to join and this allowed you to borrow one book at a time.  The Hall was further extended in 1920 and was used as the Picture Palace or cinema.  The building remained a temperance hall until the late 1960’s when a new constitution finally permitted the sale of ‘intoxicating liquor’. (text reproduced with the kind permission of the Heckington Trust)

Since then the Hall has been in use by various local groups and activities, and of course is available for hire for special functions.  Donated to the Parish of Heckington, the Hall is run by a charity status committee,  although the Parish Council remains ‘custodian trustees’ should the committee cease to function. 

At a summer meeting last year, after some renovation requirements had been discovered, the Village Hall Committee held a Public meeting to highlight these issues and to appeal for public discussion and help.   Options to replace the building were aired, but the resounding outcome of the public opinion was one that the Hall should remain and to raise funds to pay for renovations to the existing building.


Due to the current financial situation of the Village Hall Committee, Heckington Parish Council resolved to apply for a Public Works Loan up to £40,000 so that the much need renovation works can start almost immediately.  The Village Hall will be contributing where possible to the repayment of this loan.