Village News


Work at the pub is progressing and the modifications to the kitchen should be complete by the end of the month. The water and heating systems should be completed shortly afterwards and this week we will get a date for the start of the free work in the manager's flat

We have managed to acquire a new bar for free - we will just need to dismantle it and transport it to the pub and rebuild.

We should hear about 2 grants this week where we know we were short-listed for final selection and a 3rd later in May where we are down to the last 13 organisations bidding for 10 grants. We will also be submitting an application to Calor for a grant to pay for the garden. This will be open to public vote and I will contact you to advise how and when you can vote once the voting opens next month.

Lottery SK continues to be a steady source of income for us - it has raised £450 so far this year and at the weekend we had 4 lucky winners: 3 received 3 free tickets and 1 won £25 - congratulations to all.

The fund-raising event at ASDA was cancelled at short notice as  the ASDA Community Champion was unable to be present. This has now been moved to 18th May which is Community Business weekend. Rather than bag packing we will have a stand in the foyer at ASDA sharing our story and encouraging people to support us. This will be for around 2-3 hours starting at 11 am. if anyone is able to help with this please contact Sandra Allen.

The committee remains extremely busy with all the current activities and we are still looking for others who can help with some of the work. Anyone interested please contact Sandra Allen (; 01400 251314; 07779 410286).


A big thank you to the 30 residents who turned out to support the seventeenth annual Marston Litter Pick on (or prior to) 24 March 2019.  It was a very bright but cool spring morning.  Thanks also to Brent Richardson and the staff of QK Cold Stores for cleaning the area in front of their premises, and to Richard Pearson for loaning a truck and for providing temporary storage for the rubbish.

This year once again we picked up the litter in the village and from the verges as far as the parish boundary in almost all directions.  In addition, a few days earlier John and Sam Ivill cleared the whole length of Frinkley Lane as far as the railway.  This has not been done before and about eight bags of litter were collected, with five of them being from the vicinity of the railway crossing.  In addition George Winter and Andy Watson removed a large amount of packaging from a field entrance in the same road which had been left by a fly-tipper very recently; this will be reported to SKDC.  Our main effort is always Toll Bar Road and this year we cleared all the way to the Cold Store gate.  Sand Lane was done as far as the second bridge and we also cleared Barkston Road, Green Lane, Cliff Lane, Stonepit Lane, Bridge Street, and the playing field.

As usual the bulk of the litter was bottles, cans, crisp packets and coffee cups.  Waste polystyrene was very much in evidence in Toll Bar Road, together with CDs and dozens of the small size wine bottles.

I am quite sure that we were just as thorough as last year and we covered a larger area (Frinkley Lane) but the number of bags filled was only about half that of last year.  Clearly therefore less litter has been dropped, which is good news.   Some may have been missed, being hidden in the rapidly growing vegetation, but this would have been only a very small amount.

Those taking part either on the day or during the week before were Peter and Sheila Baker, Simon and Caroline Brown, John and Pat Crozier, Tim Deal, Simon Gray, John and Sam Ivill, David and Leslie Joyce, Phil Keogh, Sean Martin, David and Susie Mathieson, Robert, Mirielle and Francesca Morley, Daphne Morton, Kevin O’Sullivan, Angela Parsons, Alistair, Thomas and Benjamin Ross, Nick Sauer, David Smith, Andy Watson, George Winter and Colin Weightman.

A big thank you to all who turned up to burn the brash created as a result of part of the amenity area hedge being professionally laid.  It was a cold and frosty morning and we had a lot of difficulty in getting the three fires lit, but eventually they caught and it didn't take long for everything to be burnt.  Those taking part were Peter Baker, Simon Brown, Philip Cartwright, Bob Chalklin, John Crozier, Tim Deal, John Ivill, Brian Johnston, Phil Keogh, Nick Sauer and Andy Watson.
The village amenity area is a quiet and peaceful space by the river which is available to all.  There are three benches on which to sit and watch the river go by.  It is accessed down the track which leads from the village hall play area towards the bridge.  The hedge on one side of the track has been laid as far as the bridge, but it is our intention to continue all the way into the amenity area as and when funds allow.
Marston Parish Council


Kevin O'Sullivan was co-opted as a member of Marston Parish Council at the January meeting.  Kevin is already the Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator for Marston.