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The latest information from national government in relation to the Coronavirus outbreak is at

If you are a member of the community that requires support you can request help online at: dial 01522 782189 for assistance.

You can also volunteer to help on Lincolnshire County Council's website at: by calling 01522 782189.


The Parish Council meeting planned for 16 Apr 20 is cancelled.


Unfortunately, in line with the government's recent guidance, we must announce the closure of the pub, restaurant and cafe at The Thorold.

The Shop @ The Thorold will remain open as per the hours recently publicised, subject of course to staffing / volunteering levels.  
The Post Office will also remain open (9.30 am - 12.30 pm every Wednesday).

We must ask customers not to visit if you are displaying the signs of Covid-19, particularly if you have a fever or continuous cough.  The government's guidance is here 

We're heartened to hear that the Parish Councils of Hougham and Marston are already actively promoting the community spirit that will keep all our residents safe and in contact with one another.  Please look after each other and your neighbours.  We are looking into providing a takeaway service but we are unable to implement this immediately.  We hope to have more news on this in the next fortnight.  We appreciate your support and patience at this difficult time.

Sandra Allen on behalf of The Thorold Arms Community Benefit Society Limited


During the ongoing Corona virus crisis it is vital that we provide additional support to residents of our two villages when appropriate. In particular this applies not just to those who are elderly or disabled, but also to those who are self-isolating and those confined to barracks, being over 70. Many residents will have made their own arrangements through family or friends, but there may well be others who haven't.

The main purpose of this message is to ask you to check with all your neighbours and to let any member of the relevant Parish Council know if assistance is required. We must ensure that no one is missed or forgotten, especially if not on HAMES or Facebook. This email will be followed by a leaflet drop to all residents in both villages.

The shop is already planning to expand its range and to arrange home delivery, and the pub is planning to supply take-away meals.  In order to provide this support we need volunteers to fetch and carry from the shop or from a supermarket. We need people to fetch prescriptions from the surgery. (This is allowed subject to prior authorisation by telephone.) The shop also needs more people to man the till, which is currently staffed largely by the over 70s. Please let any member of the two Parish Councils know if you are prepared to volunteer (minimum age - 18).

With the help of the whole community we can make sure that everyone is looked after through this very difficult time.
Hougham and Marston Parish Councils


A big thank you to the 25 residents who turned out to support the eighteenth annual Marston Litter Pick on (or prior to) 15 March 2020.  It was initially a wet morning but we had the biggest turnout ever.  Thanks also to Brent Richardson and the staff of QK Cold Stores for cleaning the area in front of their premises, and to Richard Pearson for loaning a truck and for providing temporary storage for the rubbish.

This year once again we picked up the litter in the village and from the verges as far as the parish boundary in almost all directions.  Our main effort is always Toll Bar Road and this year we cleared all the way to the Cold Store. Sand Lane was done as far as the second bridge and we also cleared Barkston Road, Green Lane, Bridge Street, and the playing field.

As usual the bulk of the litter was bottles, cans, crisp packets and coffee cups.  We also picked up a bed, a boot, a wallet and numerous broken plastic car parts.

Those taking part either on the day or during the week before were Peter and Sheila Baker, Karl Ballaam, Simon Brown, John and Pat Crozier, Tim Deal, Mel Foster, Paula Gray, Kevin Hall, Nigel Harris, Phil Keogh, Sean Martin, David and Susie Mathieson, David Morrell, Daphne Morton, Angela Parsons, Alistair, Thomas, Benjamin and Emma Ross, Nick Sauer, Andy Watson, and Colin Weightman.