Nettleham Parish Plan

Nettleham Parish Plan Survey Results



We have received completed questionnaires from 319 households in the village.  This is about ¼ of the village and forms a meaningful percentage for a community of this size.  Completion of the questionnaire has provided valuable guidance to the Parish Council and others involved in delivering services to the village. We have produced here a summary of some of the more significant indications which have been drawn from the survey.

The full detailed results are contained in a section after this summary.  In that section we have some graphical displays of results plus detailed data from each question in the form of Excel spreadsheets. This can then be configured in whatever form is required to gain useful information and guidance by the researcher

Population age distribution
It can be seen from the following chart that we have an aging population in the village with the majority over 50years and only 17% under 21, this has serious implications regarding sheltered housing and other needs over the next 10-20 years.  We have approximately twice the national average percentage of retired people in the village, so we are in the vanguard of a national problem
The population is also very stable with roughly 50% having lived in the village 20years or longer. 

The Quality of Life

Over 66% of the population who have lived here for more than 10years felt that the quality of life in the village had either improved or at least stayed the same over that period.  Most people say what they value most about Nettleham is the sense of community, quality of life, tranquillity and local facilities in the village.  There was a great resistance to more housing estates in the village as it was felt it would damage all that people loved about living here


When asked what sort of housing people thought they would need in the next 10yrs only 1/3 though that their current homes would suffice.  Over a ¼ felt they would require sheltered housing with another ¼ wanting long term nursing and residential care.  This is not surprising considering the demographic bias towards the elderly.

Image of a graph showing the results of the question what type of housing do you think you will need in 10 years

This shift to sheltered accommodation and long term residential care could in fact release affordable houses as starter home for the young without a massive building program.  However it will be necessary to consider how we can implement more sheltered housing and residential and nursing care in the village.  It is clear that most old people would prefer to stay in the village where they have lived for so long.

Recreational facilities and activities

It was generally felt that the facilities of the village were well maintained and a valuable asset to the community.  When asked what improvements should be made to the current sports facilities in Nettleham over the next 10years there was an overwhelming indication that the unused Police HQ paying field and woodland area should be purchased, if possible, for sports and other recreational activities by the community.  There was little support for improvements to other village sports facilities apart from upgrading existing halls for sports usage. 

The Bishops Palace field is another piece of unused land in the middle of the village which has archeological remains and therefore cannot be developed with buildings but could be used for the good of the community for recreation with enhanced natural habitat, wild flowers, small woodland etc. 

General expenditure

When asked if people were prepared to pay more council tax to improve life in Nettleham 80% were prepared to pay more, with 65% prepared to pay £5 or more a year on the rates, providing the money was spend on Nettleham.  When asked how they would like to see the additional money spent, most support again was for purchasing the Police HQ playing fields and woodland with least spent on other sports facilities.


We have a stable but aging population, which must be cared for in greater numbers over the coming years. Provision for their accommodation should be planned in the near future to enable them to continue living in the village we all value so much.  In the mean time we cannot ignore the needs of the next generation if we want to maintain a balanced community.  We have gained much information in this survey to provide guidance on interests and activities of various age groups, ranging from sports to social clubs, and that is available here in detail for analysis by interested groups.

The population does value the natural environment and setting of this village and would like to see that enhanced further. There is as a tremendous interest in the community making recreational use of the currently unused Police HQ sports field and bringing that into Parish ownership along with the woodland, which adjoins it.  There is also great interest in the community for enhancing the natural environment on the land where the old Bishops Palace once stood instead of leaving it as wasteland in the middle of our community.
It is also appreciated that we do have a tremendous range of facilities available to us for a community of our size.  Most residents are prepared to pay more in council tax to continue to improve the environment of Nettleham, showing they are realists, acknowledging they cant get something for nothing It is also very evident that there is a desire to do something about traffic and parking in the village which causes much frustration here, as it does all over the country.  

What’s Next

The next stage is to implement a plan to address these issues arising from this survey and various consultations with the community.