Nettleham Neighbourhood Plan

In late 2012, following the implementation of the Localism Act, the Parish Council decided to promote the production of a Neighbourhood Development Plan that would apply to the whole of the Parish of Nettleham. 

The main driver behind that decision being the desire to properly manage the way in which the Village would develop over the time span of the Plan (up to 2031). The Parish Council recognised that the Village would inevitably have to change over time, but in its view it was essential to ensure that any such development would be sustainable and in keeping with the intrinsic character of the Village, which is essentially rural in nature. 

On that basis, the Parish Council established a Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Committee to undertake the required work on producing a Neighbourhood Development Plan.

December 2015 the final version of the plan is available for viewing on the website, referendum to take place on 28 January 2016.

Result of Referendum is attached below.