Parish News


Truelove Property and Construction Ltd have recently circulated a leaflet to residents regarding a vision for the future of the Parish.  I would like to make it clear to all residents and interested parties that this vision is purely that of the company and does not represent the position of Nettleham Parish Council. 

The Parish Council has over the past months and years had various discussions with Truelove Property and Construction regarding several of the ideas they have had with respect to possible developments, which they feel would enhance the village. 

We are always pleased to engage with anyone with ideas on how this village can be improved.  All ideas put forward will be considered as part of the upcoming Neighbourhood plan process, which will include public consultation.  In the mean time if you would like to comment on the Truelove schemes, or have other ideas then you are encouraged to tell the Parish Council what you think. Your comments will help to shape the future development of the Parish.  Please email the Parish office with your comments to:

The current Neighbourhood Plan runs to 2031 however we will be starting a review early this year as the Central Lincs Local Plan is also under review and our plan needs to comply with the local plan at a strategic level.  We expect to hear about the results of the initial consultation in the local plan in a month or two.  In the meantime we are putting together a small team of Councillors and residents to review our plan to see if it is still fit for purpose and whether it can be improved in any way. 

Any resident who is interested in joining the review team should contact the Parish Office by telephoning: 01522 750011, by email or by letter addressed to the Parish Office.  There is no need to have planning experience just an interest in ensuring that the village develops in a way that residents are happy with.

Councillor John Evans

Chairman - Nettleham Parish Council