Trees in the Parish

As a village, Nettleham is blessed with the number and variety of its trees. We have something in excess of 7500 within our boundaries. Of course, as with all living things, they need to be cared for.

Village Trees

Photo by Malcolm Leaning

Village trees

Until May this year, we had an Honorary Tree Advisor, Councillor John Hill, whose knowledge of, and dedication to, the subject were recognised far and wide.  Of course, nothing lasts forever and so, after many years excellent service, in a variety of roles within the Parish Council, John decided it was time to hang up his metaphorical loppers and stand down. His expertise and contributions are missed.

Thus, we come to the heart of this note . Following the election in May, and some co-options, the Parish Council is now comprised largely of new Councillors. They are keen and possessed of a good range of skills. However, a real knowledge of trees is not amongst those now available to us. Accordingly, Nettleham Parish Council would like to appoint a new Honorary Tree Advisor or, perhaps even two to share the workload. ‘Honorary’ is important, here, as the role is of a volunteer nature. It is by no means full time, but to offer advice and direction when required.  The position reports to the Property Committee and the post holder would be expected to attend those meetings when requested. 

If you think this is something you might be interested in, please ‘phone or email our Facilities Manager, Michelle Vail, to register that interest. More detailed information will be provided in due course and an expression of interest will be just that, not a commitment. 

You may contact Michelle, at the Parish office, on 01522 750011 or via email at

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please do think about whether this would be of interest to you and make contact if you would like to discuss this role.