Guidance For Dog Walkers - in Nettleham

From time to time there pops up on social media a debate about where, in Nettleham, dogs may be exercised “off lead” and where they should be kept “on lead”. As you might expect, this is a fairly emotive topic. The following will, hopefully, clarify the situation.

RULE 1 - Dog owners are responsible for removing any dog excrement, left by their dog, from land not owned by them. It is, surely, difficult to fail to understand, or interpret that in any way other than; “Clean up after your dog” and, as Nettleham is well provided with dog bins, there really is no excuse for doing otherwise.  We have received a statement from West Lindsey District Council, (verified by one of our WLDC Councillors), which states that if the nearest dog bin is full, you may deposit bagged dog poo in a convenient general waste, (black), bin. Alternatively, you may deposit bagged dog poo in your household black bin. However, using the Red dog bins is always the preferred option.

Let’s now look at the open areas within the village. On the basis of a picture being worth a thousand words, we feel the inclusion of the Map, and the associated Map Colour Key, is the easiest way to disseminate the information.