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Nettleham Twinning Association

Nettleham is officially twinned with the French village of Mulsanne, interest was first aroused by the French with a school exchange in the next village. Enthusiasts and Francophiles accepted the challenge and persuaded the Parish Council to allow the twinning to proceed. 2003 marked the 25th Anniversary of the Twinning and the signing of its Charter with a celebratory dinner in Nettleham’s Village Hall.

Nettleham - Mulsanne Twinning Association

Twinning Charter

Whereas the Conseil Municipal of Mulsanne and the Parish Council of Nettleham having agreed by resolution to form a Twinning Arrangement do now formally resolve and bind and oblige themselves:

  • Firstly to honour this twinning arrangement by establishing and maintaining friendly relations with each other.
  • Secondly to foster and develop mutual understanding and respect between the people of Mulsanne and the people of Nettleham.
  • Thirdly to encourage and assist youth and adult organisations, clubs, companies, groups and all classes of persons in Mulsanne and Nettleham to communicate and exchange visits with each other, thereby developing human and cultural relations and establishing a firm foundation for future understanding, respect and friendship between the people of Mulsanne and the people of Nettleham for all time.

Mulsanne is a dormitory village some 7 kms south of Le Mans. Originally a small village straggling the main road from Le Mans to Tours, the population is now around 7000, the village has a by pass, new estates and a new Marie. Its claim to fame is the ‘la ligne droite de Mulsanne’ – the Mulsanne Strait, which is the fastest section of the famous Le Mans 24-Hour Race Circuit, when the village is closed off and the area receives some 250 000 racing enthusiasts.

Members of the Twinning Association regularly visit France. Why not join us and widen your and your family’s education and cultural experience (and have lots of fun at the same time!). We have families, couples and singles of all ages who are 'Twinners' some have been together for 25 years and some are making their first visit or acting as 'hosts' for the first time. Come and meet us.

For further information contact:

Anne Culling (Chairman) 01522 524969

Bruce Robinson (Secretary) 01522 751877