Photograph of an aerial view of Nettleham

N.B. Permissive paths cross privately owned land these are not rights of way

If you encounter any difficulties make the situation known to Lincolnshire County Council Highways. Field paths around Nettleham are open to anyone to walk. These paths are protected by the Rights of Way Act 1990.


  • Guard against all risk of fire
  • Fasten all gates
  • Keep dogs under proper control
  • Keep to the paths across farm land
  • Avoid damaging fences, hedges and walls
  • Leave no litter
  • Safeguard water supplies
  • Protect wildlife, wild plants and trees
  • Go carefully on country roads
  • Respect the life of the countryside

An interesting and informative walk is the Nettleham Village Trail which shows the main features of interest inside the village.