Planning Applications and Tree Preservation Order (TPO) information

PLANNING APPLICATIONS -  copies of all planning applications for the Parish are now found online at East Lindsey District Council - see website link below. Applications are decided by East Lindsey District Council either by a Planning Officer under delegated powers, or by a Planning Committee.  They are considered against various Planning Legislation Acts and what are referred to as Material Planning Matters. - see below.

Views and comments from members of the community are encouraged and welcomed, but please be aware that the Parish Council can only take into account these Material Planning Matters when it is asked to comment on an application, and when making that comment its opinion is only counted the same as one individual.  So please bear these facts in mind - if you make your views known to the Parish Council this will not count as an additional comment on the application.  If you wish to comment, support or object to a planning application you must submit this to ELDC who are the decision maker.  You can submit this by phone, email or online using the ELDC website to ensure that your views are taken into account.  Please be aware that if your objection is not a material planning matter, or is not relevant to the policies laid out in the ELDC Local Plan or Government's National Planning Policy Framework, it cannot be taken into account.

ELDC Online Planning Access
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The Parish Council believes it is important to protect both trees and hedges in the parish and many hedges and trees in the parish are covered.  There are unlimited fines for those who damage as well as those who allow TPO trees to be damaged, so please ensure you check the list or ask the Clerk to check for you.  Any work to trees with preservation orders has to be authorised, and a form is available from the District Council for this.  The Clerk is also able to assist with checking the list and map of trees in the parish, as well as obtaining and completing the necessary forms.

PROPOSED DIVERSION OF PART OF FOOTPATH 18 (North Somercotes/Grainthorpe) - the Parish council has registered strong objections to the proposal to divert the coastal path inland around the new embankment, to allow for the creation of a 40m breach in the current sea defences at Pyes' Hall.Somercotes Haven sluice.  A copy of this is available below.