St Mary's Church

St Marys Church, Church End, North Somercotes

St Mary’s was built mainly in the 13th century the tower, nave with six bays and chancel.  In the 14th century were added the South doorway, windows in the north aisle and the octagonal pillars (the round pillars are 13th century).  The nave and south aisle roofs were destroyed in 1685.  The present roofs date from 1902 and 1984.

By the main door you will find a large oak chest with the date carved on it 1675 and the initials PB.  You can work out who owned it by referring to the list of previous incumbments.

The font is the church’s chief treasure and dates from C15.  It is large enough for the priest to obey the rubic of the 1662 book of common prayer: if they (the godparents) shall certify him that the child may endure it the child would be dipped in the water discreetly and warily.  Round the bowl are eight panels seven with carved shields
1) A lion rampant
2)  four small crosses
3) Maltese cross
4) Latin cross
5) Three fleur-de-lys lilies which were the emblems of the Kings of France and England
6) Cross, three dice, robe and lantern
7) Nails, scorges spear and reed
8) Christ rising from the tomb symbolising the Christian hope – welcome life.

Lastly look at the north aisle at the faces carved onto the stone that support the roof timbers  - what was the stonemason up to?

We hope that you enjoy your visit.

To enquire about the Church: Church Warden on 01507 358695.