Neighbourhood Planning

North Somercotes Parish Council is considering an application under the Localism Act to designate the village and parish as a neighbourhood area. By applying for the designation in writing to the East Lindsey District Council the parish council will be taking the first step in developing a neighbourhood plan, which is an important document that can become part of the statutory development plan for East Lindsey.

Local residents and businesses are invited to have their say on whether North Somercotes should create a neighbourhood plan.  Neighbourhood plans, which are community-led plans that can carry legal weight and be adopted by the local planning authority, were introduced in 2011 under the Localism Act.

The development of a neighbourhood plan provides the opportunity for the parish council to work closely with local people to identify ways to achieve their ambitions, bringing people together to influence the future of the places they live and work in.  The process of creating the neighbourhood plan will enable the parish council and local residents to examine the need and capacity for growth in North Somercotes, and to consider opportunities for new developments alongside the constraints such as utility capacity, schooling and medical services, and flood risk, alongside the district’s overall planning policies.

People who live, work or do business in the area, are invited to comment on the application by completing the form below to make their views known before a decision is made by the council.