The Mill Field Walk

(Footpath Nos. 37,38 & 39)
2.46 km (1.53 miles)
Option adds 1.87 km (1.16 miles)

The roads and bridleways on this walk are quite narrow and if you arrive by car it would be best parked outside the Village Hall on Keeling Street.  You can them walk the 500m down School Lane.  The walk starts at the junction of path 32 in this road and you continue in the same direction but carry straight on into the bridleway down Mill field Road (the main road turns right).  In the distance over the right you can see the forest which was set in the Warren shortly after the East Coast Floods in 1953.  The Warren was developed to provide sand and gravel earlier this century and the ponds that remain are used for both private and public fishing.  Lakeside Park has used the ponds and forest to create an excellent holiday complex.

As you follow bridleway you will pass Hummocky fields – the remains of early Salterns developed around Mare Haven which became silted up around 1200 AD.  To the distant left you may see something of the back of Locksley Hall popularly associated with the Locksley Hall of Tennyson’s poem.  After about 600 m you enter into the parish of South Somercotes. After taking a right bend and walking slightly up hill for about 150m.  You will see the path signed right to take you back into North Somercotes (there may be a path to the left for Skidbrooke opening shortly).  Ahead you will see the Brickyard - active earlier in the century but is now a caravan park with fishing lakes. (*Option continue beyond the brickyard on Mill field Road a the junction of South Road turn right and continue beyond Swancroft Farm on the left until the next intersection then turn right into the track which is North Green Lane (path no 38).  At the next path intersection Three Ways you rejoin the Mill Field Walk.

Taking the path to North Somercotes you will cross 2 bridges and skirt around several fields arriving at the intersection of the bridleway at Three Ways on North Green Lane.  Turn right along the bridleway.  As it joins the tarmac road carry straight on turning left at the end and continue until you meet the starting point on School Lane.