Presentation to Mr Norman Riggall and Miss Kath Humberstone

The Parish Council had a presentation on Monday 18th June 2007 to thank two of our councillors - Mr Norman Riggall and Miss Kath Humberstone - for the years they have served.

Photograph of mr norman riggall and miss kath humberstone.

Mr Norman Riggall and Miss Kath Humberstone.

They took office at a meeting held at the John Birkbeck on Monday 25th June 1973 and both worked extremely hard over the years for our community before leaving the council on 3rd May 2007 (totalling 27 years service). 

Photograph of miss humberstone and mr riggall with the councillors and the parish clerk.

Miss Humberstone and Mr Riggall with the Councillors and the Parish Clerk.

Photograph of mr riggall and miss humberstone with the parish council and county councillor rob palmer.

Mr Riggall and Miss Humberstone with the Parish Council and County Councillor Rob Palmer.