Police Updates

October 2009

21 January 2019

Photo by Sheila Pearce

Crime Prevention Session

Provided by Louth Rural Neigbourhood Policing Team

Updates from your Rural Neighbourhood Policing Team

Contact information.

PC Richard Precious - Louth and Rural Community Beat Manager
Phone 101 xt 5609 mobile 07973 847303

Fuel Thefts

Many people will be topping up fuel tanks with heating oil in the next few weeks. Please take every precaution to prevent thefts of your oil. If you have previously been a victim of heating oil theft it is likely that you may be targeted again. Please ensure that all caps are locked and that where possible the tank is disguised or hidden from view. The best defence against the would be thieves is to not let them know that you use heating oil.

Phoning for assistance

Many people don’t know the none emergency number for their local police and phone999 instead, this can delay emergency aid getting to people who need it. Please log the following numbers in your mobile phone to use when necessary.
Lincolnshire Police – 01522 532222
Humberside Police – 0845 6060222