Photo by H Martin

Spring flowers

Rippingale Village Website

If there is anything you would like to see added to the Village website please contact the Parish Clerk.


Scams involve enticing people into unscrupulous ploys which will adversely affect them financially or result in unwanted soliciting of various dubious schemes if for example an e-mail address is mapped. One such scheme may be Nextdoor Rippingale which has been advertised by letter to houses in Rippingale. This seems an unofficial scheme which duplicates various community websites, community Facebook pages and functions. It is not recommended to sign up to this scheme.

Chris Charlton

Chairman Rippingale Parish Council
01778 440986/07908 540683


Aveland Planning Steering Group January 2019

The Aveland Planning Steering Group met recently and the notes have been added to the website, see the tab on the left menu.

South Kesteven District Council have issued a new Visitor Guide for attractions and events in our area. To download the brochure follow the link on the Latest News page.