Council History

Parish Council History

‘Pursuant to Public Notice a meeting for the purpose of nominating and electing ten parish councillors was held in the National School on the 4th day of December1894, when twenty-one were nominated; consequently an election was taken by show of hands’.

A poll was demanded, and this took place on 17th December with the result that two members who had been elected by the show of hands were not elected on the ballot. At the same election, two persons were elected to the District Council.

The first meeting of the Parish Council was held on 31st December 1894, where a deadlock in voting failed to elect a Chairman. Following advice from the Local Government Board, lots were drawn at the next meeting on the 28th January 1895, when Henry Brunt, the National School Headmaster, was successful.

It is worth mentioning a few differences in the discussions between then and now. Parish Constables were appointed annually and paid 10shillings (50p) per year (there was no County-wide Police Force): roadside herbage was granted to horses and cows (a horse was half the price of a cow): a Rat and Sparrow Club was formed in 1917 to reduce nuisance: and a protest to Parliament against the school leaving age being raised from 14 to 15.

Other discussions have not changed. Over the years there is monthly discussion about footpaths, drains and hedges. In 1897, a letter of complaint was sent to the newly formed Police Force regarding ‘the unruly conduct of youths in the streets’, and in 1931 the ‘bad behaviour of youths was discussed and the Chairman agreed to take steps to check it’.

The Parish Council minutes in full are now in the Lincolnshire Archives.

Photograph of members of saxilby parish council

*Left to Right* Ian Willox, Bob Charlton, Ernie Golding, Geoff Wells (Past Chairman), John Hughes, Graham Marriott, Albert Horton (Chairman), Mrs S. Turner (District Councillor), Beryl Jubb (Clerk), Bob Ballerini (Vice Chairman),Jacki Hotchkin, Chrissie Cook, Pauline Clifton, Ray Scott .

Written and Researched by The History of Saxilby and District Group.