St Michael's Church, Swaton

St Michael's Church, Swaton

Swaton Parish Council. A QUALITY COUNCIL (See Village Notices).

In 2001 children in the village of Swaton decided to campaign for a play area.  This campaign resulted in the creation of one of the newest Parish Councils in the Country and the first new Parish Council in Lincolnshire since 1974. 

Whilst supporting the children's campaign, Gail Deptford found herself elected Parish Chairman of Swaton Village ‘Meeting’, working with Barry Jeffery, then acting Parish Secretary.  Together they realised that the only way they could effectively bring about improvements within the village was to campaign for and negotiate the creation of a new Parish Council. 

Launched in 2002 the new Parish Council had a busy first couple of years, achieving grants for two bus shelters, agreement for a mains sewage scheme to be installed, traffic calming initiatives within the village and on the A52, repairs to footpaths, footpath lighting and the re-instatement of a Polling Station in the village.  When the first proper elections were carried out Gail and Barry stepped down after two years hard work to enable others to bring their diverse knowledge and skills to new projects.

In 2004 the Council decided that the very run down ‘Village Hut’, adjacent to St Michael's Church had to be replaced.  "The Swaton Community Trust" with Parish Councillors and Church Officers as Trustees was thus established with the specific purpose of raising funds to build a new community Centre.  The Trust negotiated a lease with the Diocese of Lincoln and raised £75,000 from Community Council and Landfill Grants and the new community building (re-christened “The Hut”) was opened in October 2005.

Today’s Council with Andrew Deptford at the helm and Accredited Clerk, Mrs Shelagh McIntyre, has now achieved the status of ‘Quality Council’ to further enhance its reputation as a Council that makes things happen !

In late 2012, after 11 years of 'badgering', The Crown agreed to release a small parcel of land (to the North of the Church) as a play area.  Many Thanks to all who have pushed, cajoled, hassled, fund raised and got their hands dirty over the years.

DECEMBER 2013  -  With a lot of help from residents, old and young, LCC & NKDC, the Play Area is now Fenced, Gated and Up and Running.  Temporary Youth Shelter, Goalposts and Basketball hoop are now in place with further, more permanent, Play and Sports Equipment planned for.

Thanks to donations from Swaton Vintage Day, The Swaton Village Fund and a significant Grant from Tesco, three pieces of play equipment have now been installed.  Swings, a See-Saw and a Zip-Wire were opened to the public on Saturday 19th November.

Swaton’s Queen Elizabeth Park has had a successful 2017 – In May we saw the installation of a wheelchair friendly roundabout and a basket swing.  In July a group of Swaton volunteers hand-built a large shelter and picnic area (saving the village park fund many thousands of pounds).  As we see 2017 come to an end, we are now ready to complete Phase 3 – the installation of a 5 piece Trim-Trail, 2 cradle swings and a double seat springer which is all thanks to Swaton PC being nominated as The Coop’s Community Champion - the Coop granted us over £9,000 and we also won grant of £1k from Tesco.  We now have our sights clearly set on Phase 4, raising £2500 for a football area with football nets and protective chain link fencing.

Thanks to all who have volunteered to make this possible.