News: 2013 to 2016

10th December 2016


From Peter Braithwaite:

On behalf of the Friends of the Old Church I would like to say a big “Thank you” to all the people who helped in so many different ways with last Saturday’s Carol Service - putting out the floodlights and providing the electricity, setting up the church, acting as stewards or marshalls on the night, preparing and serving the mince pies, coffee and mulled wine and (last but not least) clearing up and cleaning the church afterwards. Despite the weather the service was very well attended and I’m sure enjoyed by everyone. It was a memorable occasion for John’s last carol service at the Old Church.

You will also be pleased to know that the collection raised the magnificent sum of over £800, with gift aid of approximately £110 to be claimed on top of that!

However we do not want to rest on our laurels so if anyone has suggestions of any ways in which the service might be improved in the future, do please tell us. We will be having a committee meeting early in the New Year.

Thank you once again.

Peter Braithwaite   (01673 838352)
28th November 2016

From Paula Starling:

A huge thank you for supporting the 2016 Poppy Appeal. Together we raised a massive £600.85.

Your generous support will be an enormous help to our modern veterans, Service men, women and their families.

Thank you.
28th November 2016

Bernie Henry has created a nice seasonal tribute to the Reverend Canon John Carr. It can be seen via this link:
6th November 2016

Copies of the replies from the Queen to Merilyn's letter detailing Walesby's celebrations of the Queen's birthday have now been added to the Picture Gallery page on this website.

8th July 2016

A new wooden bench has been installed by the roadside just at the entrance to Hall Drive. It was organised by Walesby villagers in commemoration of the Queen's 90th birthday, and was funded by Community Lincs.

New commemorative bench

Plaque on new bench

Photos byJoe Magrin

2nd July 2016


A number of people expressed an interest in attending the first defibrillator training session held on the 22nd June, but were unable to attend due to holiday/work commitments and suchlike. Trevor  has now organised another session which will be held on Thursday 18th August 2016, 6.00pm at the Village Hall. It is an excellent course that also includes CPR. It lasts approximately two hours.

If anyone would like to attend this valuable course, would they please contact Trevor on 01673 838809 or

Preparing for defib training

Photo by Geoff Freeman

28th June 2016

A defibrillator in a locked cabinet has now been fitted to the Village Hall facing the car park. The cabinet can be opened with a key code issued by the Ambulance Service during a 999 call.

All persons who attended the first group training session have been advised of the key code. A second group training session is to be arranged very soon.

The equipment has been donated by family & friends of Judi & Trevor Rudolph in memory of their late son Jason.

The funds were raised by the efforts of Judi, and Lyn & Chris Hall in their London Moonwalk which took place on 14th May.

Defibrillator unit at walesby village hall

Photo byJoe Magrin

16th March 2016

The Walesby Library is now open in the village telephone box!
Please feel free to borrow or donate books.

Many thanks to David and Judith.

160315 2

160315 1

Photos byJoe Magrin

15th March 2016


A message to all village residents from the Parish Council:

Please ensure that any foliage, hedging, trees etc on your roadside boundary do not obstruct the footpath or verge so that pedestrians or those with buggies are able to move freely.  Thank you.
11th March 2016

Further Clean for the Queen information.

A very nice letter of congratulations to Walesby has been received from Councillor Angela Lawrence, Chairman of the West Lindsey District Council.

See the attachment at the bottom of this page: 160309 Letter to Walesby Parish Council re Clean for the Queen
20th February 2016

Walesby 'Clean for the Queen' Litter Pick

160220 a

Pat Townsend, our Litter Pick Organiser,  has written the following note:

Walesby has organised an annual litter pick for more than 10 years, but this year we are more than happy to “Clean for the Queen”.

Our litter pick is truly a communal affair. We have 30 or so volunteers, of all ages, taking part. We use the village hall free of charge; Michael and Paul collect and return the filled bags to the village hall from a radius of 5 miles; Patti, Fay, Freda and Brian prepare and serve hot dogs and hot drinks as the pickers finish; Joe is in charge of advertising and the rest of us “get down and dirty”, regularly filling a minimum of 60 bags – supplied along with pickers and vests by WLDC.

We all live in hope that one day this will not be necessary, but, in the meantime, gladly keep the roads to our village tidy.

160220 1
160220 2
160220 3

160220 4

Photos byJoe Magrin

19th January 2015

For those people who have been following the Parish Council's attempt to preserve the ash tree at the top end of Otby Lane (see below), please note that the tree was felled today.
12th December 2015

From Merilyn Combes:

Merilyn would like to pass on thanks to the people of Walesby and their friends, who helped raise a massive £929 at the 'Bellows Bonanza' held on 27 November.  Thanks go to everyone who took part or came to enjoy the entertainment.  We had a target of £1000 to help replace the bellows of the St Mary's Church organ so we very nearly made it!
4th December 2015

A message about the Parish Council: Ash tree, Otby Lane

This week, the Walesby Parish Council have unanimously decided to try to preserve a mature ash tree at the top end of Otby Lane that is under threat of of being felled. They believe that it is of great value to both the local community and to the many walkers that pass by it. It appears to be perfectly healthy and less than half-way through its possible life span. It is also within the local Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The West Lindsey District Council have the final say as to whether trees should be preserved or not. If you feel that this tree (and of course other trees in this area) should be be preserved, could you please make a comment to that effect to:

Alternatively, please send your comments to the Walesby website at the following address and they will be forwarded to the relevant people:
13th November 2015

From Paula Starling:

Thank you to everyone who helped with or contributed to the Walesby Poppy Appeal. A total of £619.08 was raised. I couldn't have done it without the help of my team!
27th October 2015

The following good news has come from Liz Carr:

Revd John Carr to become Canon of Lincoln Cathedral:

Last week John was invited to become a Canon of Lincoln Cathedral.  This is an honour bestowed upon those whom the Bishop of Lincoln, values and trusts. This means that John will have his own seat in the Cathedral and will be expected to preach there occasionally, he will also be known as Canon Carr!  We will not be leaving the parish, until he retires, so no obvious changes apart from a blue cassock instead of black.
22nd October 2015

A Walesby Christmas Carol.

The following link features an original composition of a Christmas carol by Brian Windle, sung by him with the backing of Walesby children.

The video was put together by Bernie Henry and it features Walesby churches.  I think that they have both done a wonderful job.

Well done!
29th September 2015

From Richard Woolley, Hall Drive:

Following last year’s highly successful village wide archaeological test pit weekend, a previously held interest in antiquities has been reinvigorated and I eventually ended up investing in a metal detector. I am now a member of the Caistor Metal Detecting Club.

Whilst I’ve been lucky enough to detect locally on one or two small parcels of land and also a number of times with the Club, I am very keen to find some new areas in the vicinity of the village. Hence the reason for this message. If you have a field or any parcel of land, no matter what size, I would be very pleased to hear from you. I am a paid up member of the NCMD (National Council of Metal Detecting) This requires the metal detectorist to follow a code of conduct and provides £10M public liability cover per member. Please be reassured that I always carefully back fill any holes and properly respect the countryside, livestock, and any walkers, dog walkers or horse riders.

I am also signed up to the Portable Antiquities Scheme which allows for members of the public to submit interesting finds to be displayed on the website.

Should any items of significant value be found, The Treasure Act comes into play. In this case, the crown effectively owns the finds although it is common practice for a museum to acquire the items by paying the market value of the ‘treasure’. The proceeds are then usually split 50:50 between the finder and land owner.

Please let me know if you can help. I can be contacted by email or 01673 838060.

Richard Woolley
The Old Orchard
Hall Drive

If any parcels of land are large enough it may be possible, with the land owners consent, to invite members of the Caistor club for an organised day. The Club is restricted to 20 members and all are members of the NCMD. They would be willing to pay a small amount each (say £5) with usually 10 to 15 people attending similar digs. Alternatively a donation could be made to a charity or good cause.

Some of the items I’ve have found in the last 12 months...........

(Please see the attachment at the bottom of this page named '150929 Richard Wooley')
1st July 2015

Friends of the Old Church, Walesby:

At the recent AGM of the Friends Colin Lesser resigned as Treasurer. He has done an excellent job as Treasure for many years and has made a great contribution to the work of the Friends. We thank him very much for all his work and are sorry to lose him but we now need to find a new Treasurer.

The Old church dates back to Norman times and is a grade 1 listed building which is unusual for a parish church – such status usually being reserved for buildings such as Cathedrals etc.  Quite apart from this, it is a building which is much loved and much visited by very many people of all faiths, with over 500 entries in the Visitors Book in the last 12 months. The repair and upkeep of the church is therefore vital and the role of the Friends, which is a registered charity, is to assist the PCC in this.

If there is anyone who would be interested in becoming our Treasurer we would be most pleased to hear from you. Clearly we are very happy to explain more about the Friends and the job of Treasurer before anyone commits themself.

Please contact either me (838352) or our Secretary, Fay Thurman, (838428).

Peter Braithwaite - Chairman
28th February 2015

From Pat Townsend about this morning's litter pick (Sat 28th Feb):

To everyone who made the morning such a success - only Walesby could make such a horrible job fun!  Thanks. 

2nd February 2015

Mobile Infrastructure Pre-Planning Consultation Document.

A message from Merilyn Combes, Chairperson, Walesby Parish Council:

Villagers need to be fully aware that the Parish Council are deeply concerned by this proposal and are working vigorously to gain more information on it and, as such, are working in close consultation with Tealby Parish Council.
Attached to the bottom of this page are five pdf files relating to a proposed mobile phone tower on land near to Risby Manor, Catskin Lane.
23rd December 2014

From The Rev John Carr:

A  big thank you to all those who gave so generously to our food appeal, helping the most vulnerable in our society.

Martin and Margaret have delivered 194 items, donated at St Mary's, to the Salvation Army.

They are thrilled with them and send their thanks.

With my best wishes

Rev John

P.S. We also raised £125.56 in the collection on Christmas Day for the Children’s Society.
24th November 2014

A message from Paula Starling:  Poppy Appeal

Thank you all so much for supporting the Poppy Appeal. Together we raised a massive £645.80!
12th October 2014

From Liz Carr:

Following the death of Mac, our Chairperson, the heart has gone out of Walesby Village society.  Mac really was the glue that kept us all going.  Therefore the meeting scheduled for 16th October will no longer go ahead and the Village Society will fold.

The constitution makes provision in the event of this happening.  Once any outstanding payments have been made any surplus finances will go to the village church and any equipment will be donated to the Village Hall for future use by them.

It has been suggested that we might like to continue as a very informal heritage group building on the success of the Walesby Test Pit dig held this summer with the support of Down your Wold. If anything shows promise you will hear about it here.

Many thanks to everyone for their support over the years, both past and present. - we ran for 21 years with a huge range of speakers!

Best wishes

Liz Carr, Treasurer
2nd June 2014

Friends of the Old Church Spring Newsletter added to their page.
9th May 2014

The results of the Water Aid Lent Appeal from Paula Starling:

Water is the essence of life.  Water Aid's mission is to overcome poverty by enabling the world's poorest people to gain access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene education.

A huge thank you to all who sponsored Darcie to run 40 miles in 40 days for Lent. She raised £170 due to your generosity and her dedication.

Thank you also who collected in their Jars for Change which brings the grand total to £217.97
19th February 2014

An impressive new book entitled "Fanthorpe - People and Place", written by Rod and Jean Fanthorpe, has very kindly been donated to Walesby village by Tealby author James Murray in memory of Maureen Florence Younger of Tealby 1930 - 2011.

Maureen (nee Fanthorpe) was a great friend of Jim's and she is described by him as 'a formidable Fanthorpe'. Jim is also a very good friend of Rod and Jean's, and is very aware of the 34 years of hard work and research that has gone into this magnificent book of more than 580 pages.

Fanthorpe was a district in the isolated north-west corner of the Parish of Louth, and the book details the history of this now world-wide family from its very local beginnings as far back as the 1500s.

A large portion of the book deals with various lines of the WALESBY Fanthorpes from the 1600s and right through 1700 and then again back in Walesby in the 1800s. 

If you would like to be added to the list of people wishing to borrow this book, which will be kept in Walesby for the use of all residents, please get in touch with me.

Jim, we in Walesby thank you for your generous donation.

Joe Magrin
26th September 2013:  IMPORTANT:

The Parish Council urges all dog owners to take great care in controlling their dogs in the vicinity of all livestock.  Special care is needed when walking in the vicinity of deer as these animals are prone to flight and subsequent injury.