Fawlty Towers at Walesby Village Hall

On 6+7th and 13+14th March 2015 at Walesby Village Hall, the Walesby Players were at it again! Following their previous successes, they performed an old favourite........'Fawlty Towers'

Set in a 1970’s Torquay Hotel, Fawlty Towers was one of the best known and most loved series of its time. Each performance consisted of two episodes from the series.

The production was a great success with tickets fully sold out at each performance.

Two episodes from the Fawlty Towers set of stage plays were performed by Walesby Players during March 2015.

In ‘A Touch of Class’, Lord Melbury turns out to be a con man and in ‘Communication Problems’ Mrs. Richards causes chaos wherever she goes.

Each of the four nights was a full house which generated gross income well over £2000. This made a significant contribution towards costs of production and village hall running expenses.

In addition to helping with the upkeep of the village hall, preparing and rehearsing for the play created a focal point for village conversation and activity for around 6 months. Many local people were involved both on and off the stage including several new residents.

Several people from the delighted audiences are hoping the Walesby Players will attempt to stage another episode from the series. We’ll have to wait and see!

150306 fawlty towers                                                             Poster by Geoff Freeman


Amanda from bbc radio lincolnAmanda from BBC Radio Lincolnshire's Pirate Gold treasure hunt broadcasting from the set of Fawlty Towers in Walesby Village Hall.

fawlty 2Basil - Martin Jago; Danny Brown - Martyn Boyers; Polly - Ann-Marie Whitaker

Fawlty 3Basil - Martin Jago; Lord Melbury - Paul Edwards

fawlty 4Basil - Martin Jago; Mr. Firkins - Brian Flanagan

fawlty 5Basil - Martin Jago; Mrs. MacKintosh - Lindsay Boyers; Mrs. Richards - Carol Magrin

fawlty 6Basil - Martin Jago; Manuel - Trevor Rudolph; Mr.& Mrs. Wareing - Brian & Lyn Flanagan

fawlty 7Basil - Martin Jago; Manuel - Trevor Rudolph; Sybil - Kathy Jago

fawlty 8Director - Mike Whitaker

fawlty 9Lady Morris - Lynette Edwards

fawlty 10Major Gowan - Peter Braithwaite

fawlty 11Mrs. Richards - Carol Magrin; Miss Tibbs - Lyn Flanagan; Miss Gatsby - Lynette Edwards

fawlty 12Polly - Ann-Marie Whitaker; Mrs. Thurston - Lynette Edwards; Mrs. Richards - Carol Magrin

fawlty 13Stage Manager - Gary Mills
Photos kindly supplied by Geoff Freeman