June Pests & Diseases

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June Pests and Diseases


·        Pinch out the tips of Broad beans to discourage aphids.

·        Check for blackfly on globe artichokes, French and runner beans, and beetroot.

·        Pick off and destroy asparagus beetles and their larvae.

·        Check cabbages for cabbage white butterfly eggs and caterpillars, and squash, pick off or spray.

·        Remove and destroy any yellow leaves from cabbage, broccoli, and other brassicas.  Otherwise grey mould or brassica downy mildew may develop and spread.

·        Check peas for signs of pea moth.  Covering the crop with fleece is the only truly reliable safeguard.

·        Carrot fly is still a danger in June.  Protect crops with barriers or fine mesh.

·        Protect against flea beetle by covering crops such as radishes, rocket, oriental salad leaves, and beetroot with a fine- gauge mesh.


·        Check apples and pears for greenfly scab,  and bitter pit, and spray if necessary. Also check that you have hung up pheromone traps in apple trees for codling moths.

·        Check plums and cherries for aphids and slugworm (small black larvae); spray if necessary.

·        Net cherries, currants and blueberries to protect from birds.

·        Net strawberries for grey mould, especially in wet weather and remove and destroy any infected fruit.

·        Inspect raspberries and loganberries for raspberry beetle as soon as the berries start to change colour, and spray if necessary.

·        Check blackcurrants for ‘reversion’, a disease carried by big bud mite.

·        Inspect for greenfly on currants and spray if necessary.

·        Check gooseberries for gooseberry sawfly larvae and for American gooseberry mildew.