East Ferry is privileged to have land dedicated to the poor of East Ferry, for use as allotments land. This land is managed by the East Ferry Charitable Trust.

Allotments are available.

They are situated on the South end of the village on the East Ferry Road. The cost per allotment, is £12.00 per annum plus drainage rates, currently £2.50. Each allotment is approximately 264sq metres.

Anyone requiring an allotment is requested to contact any member of the allotment committee, in writing, by 31st July of each year. Each new allotment requested, will then be made available from 1st September. 

Charitable Trust Committee members are:-

Ms Trish Halmsworth (Main Trustee) - Kinnard, High Street, East Ferry

Mr Christopher Evans - Trent View, High Street, East Ferry

Mr Mark Pettitt - Ferry Farm, High Street, East Ferry

Ms Jane Tipple - The Conifers, High Street, East Ferry

***  It should be noted that allotments are only available to residents of East Ferry. ***