Listed below are contacts you may need for future reference:-


Here's hoping you won't be needing these, but they are here in time of need:-

In event of a Police non emergency - call 0300 111 0300

Local PCSO's - Bill Thomas 07944776816
    Ange Raper  07500920222

Obviously for emergencies - call 999


For general highways enquiries:- 01522 782070 or email

For reporting highways faults online:-

For schedule or future roadworks for Lincolnshire:-

Bus services:-

Even though we have no designated bus service in East Ferry, we do have a great CallConnect service which will pick you up from your door and link you to a bus route or into Gainsborough at a time which suits. Available to everyone and very cheap and reliable.
Check out and register for this service on 0345 234 3344 or visit their website