Local bus services, railway stations and the Concessionary Travel Scheme

Bus transport through Wrangle has improved significantly in recent years in terms of frequency, although there is still no local service on Sunday.  Local buses are run by Brylaine and Stagecoach in Lincolnshire. National Express runs a daily service to and from London. Hunts coaches runs a coach from Skegness to Boston on Wednesdays. Trains from Wainfleet and Boston connect to the national rail network via Sleaford, Grantham and Nottingham. Times for buses and trains through to December are shown in local timetables.

In addition to coach transport arranged by local schools, children and students up to the age of 19 are entitled to either free or subsidized transport to and from school if they live more than a certain distance away, see school bus entitlements.

A Concessionary Travel Scheme allows eligible people over 60 or disabled passengers, to travel free on scheduled bus services across the administrative County of Lincolnshire, and to certain towns in neighbouring Counties. Journeys must start or end in Lincolnshire with a through fare being available. From 1st April 2008 people aged 60 and over and eligible disabled people have been entitled to free off peak local bus travel across the whole of England. For further information visit the Boston Borough Council website.